Best place to learn about computer audio?

I want to try downloading high res, have all necessary stuff but need knowledge. Suggestions? Book, net site, software, etc. Thanks!
Thank you 4est. That's a great site to have in the favorites list. I want to go in that direction, but like so many, I'm not as computer savey as others and it intimidates me somewhat.
But with a site to read and learn, I can parrot what I read and might come up with something better than my CD's.

Rja, that's a great question that I should have asked.
Here are some tried and true software tips (no advertising):

I would avoid:

1) using iTunes on any PC for playback
2) ripping with iTunes
3) dell laptops for audio streaming
4) desktops with PCI cards

I recommend:

1) Mac Mini
2) Amarra 1.2
3) Kernel Streaming or Wasapi plug-ins on PC with Foobar 2000 or JRiver
4) Logitech Touch
6) Async USB DAC's

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
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