Best place to get an old solid state amp fixed up?

I have an old PS audio elite 55 watt integrated amp that recently went up in flames. Literally. I had it fixed at a shop but it is still not quite right. Does any one know were or who fixes amps like this and who can get it sounding like it did new? Thank you!
Can you send it back to PS Audio for repare?
I contacted PS Audio about looking at my old 4.5 preamp. They said it was too old and parts were not available.
Still it wouldn't hurt to call...
If PS Audio doesn’t work out, you might want to try:

Jon Soderberg is better known for Threshold/Forte’ gear, but PS Audio did once own Threshold.
I would work with the shop that repaired it, since you obviously paid them. How much do you want to invest to get it " like new ", since it went up in flames ?
I had an interesting discussion with my tech yesterday about the very expensive equipment of the not so distant past that are just about impossible to get parts for. Lots of expensive boat anchors sitting in people's closets, I'd suspect.
I called psaudio and they will not repair it. The shop I have near me also has a very limited skill set and they got the amp to work but it hums when phono is turned on and distorts at mid-high volumes.
Also with the question of price I have 600 in it now and am willing to put another 1k into it if need be.
@hammy1750, as a newbie here, welcome. Someone on USAudiomart is selling one for ( says working fine ) for $250, with external ps. Another recently just sold at $350., in mint condition. It is your money, but I am advising you to take the loss and move on. For $1K you can do better today. Ask for recommendations here, on a nice replacement, as I am sure you will get plenty of opinions, and knowledgeable advice. I believe many would agree with me. I have had many pieces of equipment that became door stoppers and boat anchors for the exact same reasons as you are experiencing, as this is part of the hobby ( ime ). I understand how attached we can be to a piece of equipment, but, I am only trying to help. Enjoy ! MrD.
Had the same amp in the 80s. Really loved it. Understand the OPs reluctance to trash it, but, as MrD said, your money could be spent better elsewhere.