Best place to consign classical LPs in NYC?

At my storage space in NYC I've got a collection of 1000 pristine classical LPs spanning 1950s-1980s and am considering selling them on consignment.

Can anyone recommend a shop that sells on consignment, and is trustworthy and fair?

Have you considered selling them as a lot?
Having just visited NYC and shopped for records i would be surprised to see anyone who had the space to place 1,000 lps into their stock.You got selling as a lot,making a list and selling on line,doing a Craigslist ad and dealing with the unwashed weirdos and you have the Princeton Record Exchange.I was just there and i have to say that the stock really was in poor shape.They could use the records for certain,whether they want or care is another thing.You have to sell the idea to them and take them out there.Make sure your records ARE pristine AND valuable first.I run into lots of people who walk the walk but the records don't talk the talk.
Check out located in the UK,you might find this site interesting and it might give you a realistic barometer on value.First thing i would do is have someone with some knowledge evaluate your collection.Might cost you a few hundred dollars but will benefit you in the long run.Good Luck.
Westsider records on W. 72nd street might be worth looking into.
Thanks for your replies!

Jazzcourier, how would I go about finding an expert to value my collection?
Being in California i would contact,they are in Sacramento.Being in NYC i would give the Westsider Records person a try and either he would perform such a service or would most likely know someone amongst his customers that might be a reliable source.I missed that store on my last visit but it looks very interesting.SOME of these record retailers can be helpful,friendly and accommodating.On the the other hand some can be low ball opportunists,i like to call them "vinyl vermin"if you can afford some time to value the records and weigh your options for dispersal you will get the most out of them.Be mindful that some of these used record stores thrive on the uninformed seller.Really a thousand records is not too much to deal with,it just sounds like a lot,unless of course,you have to move them.Good Luck!
A reality check: most stores do not pay very much for classical records. I don't know what your expectations are or what you paid for the collection, but wholesale I think that you be very lucky to receive anything near $1 an album. Most vendors will offer you .10 - .50 per, if they will even pay for them at all.

It's not that classical records aren't worth much; they are, to the right buyer. But there is a reason that most of the space in record stores is taken by rock and jazz albums. The demand completely outstrips the (relatively) small demand for used classical albums.

I think that you will be better off selling them here or on eBay. Sell the rare ones individually, and the more common LPs in lots. Be prepared to donate or give away opera and specialty albums.
BR is probably correct unfortunately.

Westsider had a large stock of used classical records when I was there last a couple years back, but many were going for a pittance. It may be better for the used classical music shopper than for the seller.
Agree Classical Lps are generally only worth a buck each. A few which are rare and famous are worth money, but the fact is they are rare and very unlikely to be in your collection.
I still have 2,000 Classical LPs and tossed out 5,000 a few years ago. Literally! I just had to give them away to secondhand stores as they were basically junk.
Only a few out of the thousands were worth anything at all to a used record dealer.

I feel the average value of my current Classical LPs is $2 each retail. With a very few worth anything more than that.

Where i know I have Rock Lps worth $100. and plenty of Rock and Jazz in the $35 to $40 range...with average Rock values of $5 and Jazz $8
Have to agree with the above posts...of the half dozen used lp stores in my area...none carry classical...there is very little mark shops don't bother...and even if they do...they rarely go consignment...
In Tampa, the Sound Exchange sells classical lp's for 2.99 to 3.99 for readily available titles in exc.+ to NM condition and over $100 in the case of rare collectibles. They are one of two outlets for classical vinyl in my area. I imagine they aren't paying much for the vinyl though. Agree with the above posters, if you want to maximize your return, you are going to have to establish a good reputation and sell on Ebay. A total PITA, but there's just no other good way to reach the small number of people interested in classical vinyl. If you want to see how to run a classical lp outlet the right way on Ebay, look up the seller Meangene5.
Another thing you might consider is checking ebay for sellers who sell things for other people. I know there must be at least two people doing that with classical records out of NYC; there were a few summers ago when I was buying alot, anyway. I got some very good deals that way.

When I was in Westsider Records a couple of years ago, I found it to be an excellent place to shop for classical, especially opera. The rare stuff was priced accordingly, but most things were very reasonably priced, and there was a great deal of it. So I would check them out, too, as well as Academy.