Best Place To Buy VMPS New or Used?

Looking for best deals on VMPS, new or used, can anyone help. Are they still in business? Thank you
Buy from Brian Cheney direct. His company is Itone Audio in El Sobrante, CA. Great guy and great value in speakers. Not the most refined sound, but big sound stage and best bass you will get without spending megabucks. or call and ask. :)
They (i.e., Brian Cheney) are most definitelty in business and, I think, doing better than ever with their new Neo ribbons. I just took delivery of a pair of VMPS RM40s. While the RM40s are still breaking in, they are starting to sound wonderful - very dynamic but lovely midrange and plenty of detail. I plan to post a more complete mini-review after they are fully broken in.

Try Jim Romeyn at (dealer) for a good deal or e-mail Brian directly - Brian's website is supposed to be updated this week ( Both Brian and Jim are very knowledgeable and responsive. Also, see the VMPS board at for 100s of posts on these fine speakers.

Call Ultimate Sound in San Francisco.
Leave message for David Tam to call you back.

Richard D.
I also bought my RM 40's from Jim Romeyn. I am not sure if you get a discount buying direct from Brian.
Any discounters in the east or southeast?
lucius morris of dynamic sound, in washington, dc, made it worth my while to buy my vmps larger subs from him, several years ago. i'm sure he will do the same when i have the scratch saved up for those rm40's i yust gotta have! :>)

doug s.
Bishopwill, still in Business? They won best in show this year at the CES is Vegas and are probabaly one of the hottest speakers around. Probably not a good time to look for discounts. They have their own board at

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