best place to buy toshiba hdtv?

I'm looking to buy a new hdtv and would like to know if anybody has a good source for these? The best I've found is $3150 for the 56h80.
Onecall has a special on these now and this model has been told to be to be a very good one.
Streetman - check this link:

and see if you get a source close to your area (keep those shipping costs down.
Amazon has some great deals. I bought one and had it deliverd to my parents for Christmas. They have "white glove delivery" - they set it in place and haul off all the boxes! I was VERY impressed! It was there 4 days after I ordered it right before Christmas, even.
Toshiba has a lot of Refurb TV's available. Check and there is a guy on Ebay who sells them. His ID is Trvlr1184 or something like that. He will sell outright to you if you email him. Ships from IN...good luck