Best place to buy high-end in Michigan..

...Or best place to buy high-end in Chicago?? Thanx in advance!
For some ideas on dealers in Chicago look for the thread "SACD Dealers in Chicago" in the "Digital" section. Good Luck, Doug
In Michigan, try Ensemble in West Bloomfield or Audio Dimensions in Royal Oak. Both of these are just north of Detroit and are listed in the yellow pages. Ensemble specializes in Levinson and BAT while Audio Dimensions has Audio Research and Theta.
Paragon Sound just opened in Ann Arbor.
Holm Audio in Chicago, they master in tube systems. You must visit when in town.
The guys at ProMusica on Clark in Chiocago are into music. They carry VAC, ProAc, Dunlavy, Naim, and the like.
I agree with Purgstub on Audio Dimensions. I purchased my Maggies from Harry and he is a great guy, very knowledgable and patient while you listen. Great high-end products. Good luck.
Harry at Audio Dimensions is one great guy. I spent an afternoon with him and it was very enjoyable. His knowledge is second to none and he is the polar opposite of a "pushy salesman". Call him, make an appointment, and plan on making a friend.

Thanks a lot for your responses guys! I will try to visit all the places you are suggesting. This is a great web site!!! Thanks again!