Best place for a Bybee power cord

Based on your experience, what component has responded best to a Bybee power cord? Also, does it do better plugged into a power conditioner or directly into the wall?
I have spoken to Mike Garner about this.
His tweek advice is to put the Bybee as close to you equipment as possible.
He advocates using it into a quality power strip too.
I tried it before and after a PS 300 and found good results
both ways, best after the conditioner.
Check out my review of the cord here on Agon.
Hi Rkmcv,

Thanks for the response. I've learned a couple of things about my specific Bybee power cord. It's a low-current power cord and per Mr. Bybee, it should be used on source/front-end components or amps lower than 100watts. It uses copper ribbon conductors vs. solid core that is used currently.

It's an older Bybee power cord, by Mr. Bybee's recollection, about 5yrs old. I'm using it on my HDTV and it's plugged into Audio Magic Matrix power conditioner. I'll have to A/B it with the stock power cord one day.
Should sound good if you follow the Bybee advice.
I think it is pretty neat how approachable Jack Bybee is.
Best of sound!