Best Pink Floyd recording CD or LP

What is your favorite recording of Pink Floyd?
Mine are as follows:
MFSL: Dark Side of the Moon
MFSL: The Wall
5.1 New Release (SACD) of DSOTM
'a saucerful of secrets' and 'piper at the gates of dawn'. both mno and stereo versions (u.s. tower label).....atom heart mother(harvest uk)....all vinyl.
Meddle is by far their best.
and wish you where here
"Meddle" is my favorite.
For a comprehensive answer on the genesis of various pressings, both cd and LP look here:

For me it is the first pressing of Animals on British Harvest.

meddle (jpn pressing) and obscured by clouds (orig UK harvest) are my favs. although animals is pretty good, too.

mattcone, you list the MFSL dsotm...if you are refering to the lp you should give the new emi release a listen. I thought it much better than the mfsl I had. I found the newer pressing much less compressed througout the range with more relaxed, musical presentation. For me it was a no brainer, especially with the mfsls commanding the prices they do in teh collectors markets.

yup,count me in for ANIMALS,i love the song "pigs 3 different ones" but my dog hates it :)
recording quality is best on the Wall definitely also the final cut
can you go wrong with ANY pink floyd?

I was told by an audiophile retailer that there are some german recordings that are 'by far' the best pink floyd ever pressed. he sold LPs but he didn't sell these. That's all i remember...'german pressings.' oh yeah, and i remember he said they go for a couple hundred bucks when you can find them.
I have the German DSOTM, as well as the Harvest British second pressing, MoFi conventional second pressing and Japanese Pro-Use half-speed, as well as having borrowed the MoFi UHQR for three weeks from a friend. To my ear the order of quality would be Japanese Pro-Use, Brit, German, UHQR, MoFi. YMMV.
The original UK Harvest pressing of "Ummagumma" is recorded very well, both the live disc and the studio disc. I am still playing my copy from 1970 or so. That live performance of "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" was some of my earliest exposure to Pink Floyd.
All of them, some are just better than others. My wife is into Pink in a big way, which works for me.
I have a number of different pressings of Pink Floyd LPs, almost no CDs. The best sounding copies I have found were the box set that came out of Holland about ten years ago. They are better than the original harvest releases, or the MFSL versions. I still have the MFSL DSOTM but it doesn't get much platter time. I got rid of all my UHQRs, they were not worth the cost.

Until I got the box set I never heard a good sounding copy of Animals,which is probably my favorite LP by Pink Floyd. I had several pressings and most of them sounded, from poor to bad.

If you can find the box set, buy it! I liked mine so much I bought another sealed set for when the first has too many miles on them.
I also have the original UK Harvest vinyl pressing of "Ummagumma" since it was released and agree with Slipknot1 that it is quite good. If one is a Pink Floyd fan then see if you can add this baby to your collection as you will most assuredly find it worthy.
When you say box set, are you talking about "Pulse"?
The box set Uppermidfi is referring to contains 10 or so LPs and if I am not mistaken was called "Welcome To The Machine" or something like that. It was released 10 or 15 years ago. The box was black and the front had one of the characters (man in the bowler hat)from "WYWH", standing on a sand dune... Uppermidfi, jump in here if I am off the mark.
Oh, now I know what you're talking about. Not "Welcome to the Machine", it was called "First XI" and had all their albums up to "The Wall". Didn't realize it was from Holland. Don't remember the sound being all that good but, my record player at the time was pretty low fi.
I know the one you are thinking of. 11 LPs, black cover, green EKG trace going across the front ala DSOTM. That's not the one I was thinking of. I'll look into it some more and see what i can find.
I have orginal UK import Harvest vinyl copies of both Meddle and Atom Heart Mother and Meddle is simply amazing sonically and musically. Atom is also better than the remastered CD. It's the spatial quality to Meddle during the heavy beat section with Dave's soaring guitar that makes it special.
I have not been ignoring this question, I just haven't thought to look when I was at home. I even spent some time listening last night, and totally forgot to check. The boxset has the original covers, but also has a sticker in the center of each cover that is a little brighter and clearer than the original. On the outside of the box a circle is cut into it that shows the sticker of the LP that is on the end, if that makes any sense.

It's a great box set, sorry for not having an answer yet! I suck!
I checked last night and the set says '97 Vinyl Pink Floyd.' I have only seen it one other time on Ebay so maybe it's not very common, but if you can get yer grubby little mits on it, I would suggest buying it!
Thanks, Uppermidfi
I found one listed as VG+.
Atom Heart Mother
Atom Heart Mother and The Final Cut.
live at pompeii LP...dope thing...try find bootleg "music for arhitectural students" very interesting early work...
David Gilmour Live in Gdansk is fast becoming my all time go to cd , and is a fine recording for a live set, the dvd is a bonus too.. Must get him to sign a copy for me, he is a hifi friends neighbour..

The EMI Italiano box set is great if you can find it. Darkside Japanese ProUse & The Wall japanese as well as MFSL UHQR Darkside are all great sounding also.
Hard to pick...
Animals is up there, The Wall, Wish you were here part 1-9.
For CD/SACD I concur w/ the OP.
Time from dark side of the moon, on 180 gram vinyl!
Over the decades I have hunted down and owned the best original pressing on vinyl I could find and there exists some spectacular sounding pressings . The top 1 % of best recorded Pink Floyd Lps are The Wall , very early UK pressing and the four Lp box set of Pulse . If you have a capable system this live recording will give you goose bumps , the recording is spectacular,..and so is the music of course ,,. I have listened to and purchased all the popular digital copies and none of them approuch the sonics of the best in vinyl ,...

Animals on German release.
Animals, CD
Meddle, CD

For absolutely one of the best-sounding rock recording of any type, get an original UK or German Harvest LP pressing of DSOTM.  On Brain Damage the voices are eerily inside your head, one of the few recordings I have ever heard do this.  Forget the MFSL pressings, especially the dreadful UHQR.  Forget virtually all half-speed and other reissues for that matter--they are all compressed, lean, and phasey, probably due to electronic equalization.  Another great PF recording is the recent The Endless River.
Ditto The Endless River. I don’t have original pressings of the first four albums to compare, but all four of the new Warner/Sony Grundman LPs are worthy.
Set the controls for the heart of the sun....
Meddle, Japan 2nd issue -  is also my test record because it contains the necessary to evaluate my system´s ability ;)
Animals. I can't wait for the reissue. The original always sounded a bit muddy and compressed.

i saw that lp box set upper
was talking about 497.bks!

I am a big fan ,there all great! My sister gave me Atom Heart other and Wish you were here and zep 4 on 8 track in 75’ ( i was 8 :-) ) but if i had to choose i just frikin’ love Animals.Probly heard wish you were here the most. Seen them a few time back in the 80s or early 90s( 1st set opened with astronomy donomy). Water shows are always great doing The Wall.I saw the pros and cons of hitching tour way back too
I finally got lined up several copies of DSOM on vinyl at a time. I only keep in my personal shelves the original version, but would definitely consider not selling 30th anniversary edition...

The hierarchy of best DSOM sound is as follows:

1. 30th anniversary edition is unbeatable! 
2. Original Harvest triangle label
3. A capital 80's re-issue vinyl
4. MFSL re-issue

According to my experience MFSL DSOM isn't best by far far. It's substantially lower quality vs. original Harvest label and very far away from 30th anniversary edition. In fact what drives me away from enjoying MFSL is feeling of sound from "barrel" with voices and instruments far away from real.


Try out a first pressing UK Quad version of DSOTM.  Your hierarchy will change.

Dogs changed my life.

I have a japanese pressing of animals on cd.....its pretty good.   I have the Blu ray audio version of wish you were here and it sounds excellent
I tried "fresh" what's currently on my shelves.
I heard UK vinyl very long time ago and can't currently 'plot' it onto my matrix, but I'm extremely happy with 30th anniversary edition.
Anyone buying the new PF boxed set?