Best Phono Stages on Integrated Amps?

In an effort to simplify (and upgrade at the same time!), I am searching for an integrated amp with a good phono section. Is there such a thing? I am using a hot rodded DB-systems phono stage, and it seems to be be doing a decent job. Here's how it goes: Project Wood Classic TT, Grado Prestige Gold Cartridge, AZ WOW ICs from tt to ps, Kimber Kable Silver Streak from ps to integrated amp. Anyway, I would welcome comments on experience with the onboard phono stages of integrated amps. Thanks.
Plinius 8200mkII.
I agree fully with Marakanetz regarding the Plinius. The built-in phono stage, which is essentially the Jarah, should pair nicely with a mm cartridge such as the Grado as well as with medium-output mc carts.
Jeff Rowland Concentra II.
Some Bryston B60's have phono, very nice too.
some RS phonos do best bryston ones at ease...
Thanks, all. I keep hearing about that Plinius 8200. Reckon it's time to audition one . . .
The optional phono stage in the YBA Integre DT is very very good. It shows that Mr. Y.B. Andre is definitely a vinyl lover. It can be obtained as either Moving Magnet or Moving Coil.

On the budget end of things, the plug-in module for the Creek 5300 series is pretty decent considering it costs under $100 for MM and about $120 for MC. I believe it is the same as the OBH-8SE and OBH-9SE separate units.
I currently have the nuvista M3 which has a mc/mm phono stage. I use a ruby 2 and am very pleased with the sound. This ma;y be worth considering though you would have to buy it used.
The Linn Magik IP has a very good phono section