Best Phono stage for my system - from my list

I narrowed down my list of phono amps after reading a lot of posts on AG and other sites, reviews, etc. My system - CJ PF2/MF 2200 amp/pre, VPI Scout JW-9 arm with LOMC Denon cart.

I am thinking Jolida 9A, EAR 834, Sim Audio Moon LP 5.3, Wright Sound WPP 200c, Minimax, Threshold FET 10.

I think the Dodd phono is a killer, but is way above my budget. The Jolida is by far the cheapest, the EAR has a lot of great reviews, the Wright and Minimax as well.

The Threshold is scarce but also well regarded.

Any suggestions?
Sim LP5.3, Heard the EAR, and Jolida. Sim is better IMO than those two.
I am a big fan of the EAR834P (I have 2). The key is to put some good Telefunkens or JJs in it.
I am with Steve - 834P or cj EV1

I have a Scout set up with 103 Denon, I have not used the ones you list, I am using a Dynavector 75 and a Blue Circle 707 both very good. You might want to look at the minimalist version of the 707, which is short on aesthetics but long on performance. It is the same circuitry in a PCV tube with large external power supply and is a little over $900 as opposed to the $2200 of the 707. BC makes very good equipment but doesn't get much press. The unit is called something thingy, bad name but good product. You can put it out of sight so looks won't matter.
Obviously PVC, fingers not what they were.
That Blue Circle Fon Lo Thingee looks pretty good. I like the various options offered.
I like the EAR
Thanks all/ Regarding the CJ EV-1 - looks like it has fairly low gain. Any experience with that one?
Forgot to mention - I can get a new Cambridge Audio 640P free.
I have owned the Fet10, Jolida, and EAR. I used the Fet10 for a few years, the EAR for a few years as well, and the Jolida for a few months.

To my ear (no pun intended), and sonic priorities, the EAR is the most musical and realistic sounding unit, overall. It is dynamic, fairly well extended, detailed, and above all, realistic and alive sounding. A very nice piece for the money.

The Threshold I liked very much. It is impressively detailed sounding, with very stable imaging, and is very extended at both ends. It is not harsh sounding; it is very smooth, and almost a little rounded. Of the three, it is the most impressive sounding; for a while. Until you realize that it sounds a little dead, and not as alive as it should. The music just doesn't move and flow nearly enough; it is a little mechanical sounding. But, if your thing is being able to say "WOW!, I never heard that instrument before", and be able to point your finger at it's exact location on the soundstage, then it might be the one for you. The EAR also let's you do that, but in a more subtle, organic way.

The Joida I did not like very much. I understand why it is popular. But to me, it makes the musicians always sound like they all had WAY too much caffeine that day. No matter wether the tune is slow, or up-temo. With MC's it has problems in the top end, leing thin and discontinuous. It can sound mpressive at first, but way too brash sounding for my tastes.
My vote goes to the Blue Circle Fon Lo Thingee (FLT)even though it is not on your list. It is a very serious piece of gear in a maybe a not so serious package.

I have owned a Slee V and the Wright 200 and preffer the more natural presentation of the FLT. The Wright was good but only with some serious (expensive)tubes in it and a Step up device for the Denon.

I have the FLT-MC version with biggie power supply and SP Capacitor Pack funning a 103 loaded at 150 ohms and it has never been better.
For the budget that you are looking for the ASR Mini Basis is a great buy and very affordable.If interested give me a call at 714-906-2457. Thanks.My name is Kevin. Also you can check the review on 6 moons.I carry the ASR line and the mini is a giant slayer.It has very quiet background and excellent rhythm and pace. Very good soundstage also.
The Wright is hard to beat though you'll need a step up Tranny for LOMC. Ear gats a lot of nods also but from my understanding, the Wright bests it. i have no experience with the EAR but i do own a wright WPP 100. It's not going anywhere for a while. I may consider upgrading when i get $2500 budget
Thanks again guys. A lot of great info!