Best phono stage for $1500....

I need a phono stage to go with my new preamp purchase (CJ PFR). Other than the CJ EV-1 (which is its vinyl complement), are there any that come to mind? I want to spend no more than $1500 but I don't want to be disappointed when I upgrade to a 'Baby Art' (PV-16L) I saw a Linn Linto for about $900 which looks intriguing....There are lots of devices out there and it gets to be a little overwhelming.

Need lots of gain with the PF-R, it seems. I had an old Electro pre-pre amp I used with the PV-5 and it didn't hack it with the PF-R, so I need adjustable loading. As far as cartridges go, I'm using an MC but would also like to use MM's on occasion.
Check out the J A Mitchell's.
I am a fan of solid state electronics so you may want to discount my response. Early last year i was in the market at about the same price range as you.
After a long drawn out search I ended up with a Pass Labs Aleph Ono which had just been upgraded. I was leary about it since I was not very familiar with it, but I consider it to be one of the best purchases I made. I wrote a review of it if you are interested. Even if I had more money to spend on another phono stage I don't think I would do it now.
Good luck.
I second the Aleph Ono. It is quiet, flexible, musical, and has gain out the wazoo (up to 76db) to accomodate everything from a Decca to a very low output coil. It would mate great with a tube line pre.
I would look for a Sonic Frontiers SFP-signature version. You can find one on Audiogone for around $700-900. I had one and it worked well for me, very flexible (adjustable gain for MM/MC and you can SOLDER in various loading resistors). The thing was probably not as quiet as some solid state designs but it sounded great. I stopped using mine only after upgrading to an ARC Ref. Also check out a used ARC PH10 SE.
If you have a medium to high output moving coil cartridge, or a MM cartridge, look into the VTL. I believe it costs about $1100. It's an all-tube unit. I think the dealer has to take care of the cartridge loading, though. I am using one with an old Spectral cartridge and a Quicksilver step-up transformer (into the moving magnet input). The output of the Spectral itself is too low to use the MC input without a lot of tube noise, but with the step-up it's fine. And the sound is ravishing.