Best Phono Preamp Under $5k

I've given up on my digital experiment and I'm looking for a new (to me... I prefer used equipment) phono preamp. I'll be using it with an AnaMighty Denon DL103 mod and one of their step ups, so the MM section is key. 


I think a used Audio Research PH8. I used to own one. The most cost effective phono stage I have ever owned. While I have heard a lot about, for instance the Presto… I have also heard about them failing and getting repaired. Audio Research products incredibly musical. detailed,  wonderful sounding components… built to last forever. I now own a ARC Ref3 Phonostage… well, better, yes. My current system is shown under my aid.

Thank you. That's one I hadn't thought of. Time to keep a close eye on the new postings! 

A Gold Note PH-10 with matching ps would be well below your budget. Very versatile and sounds amazing IMHO

Robert Grodinsky Research RGR 4 has both a superb mm phono stage and a line stage. I bought mine on an eBay auction for $199!