Best phono preamp for Project Carbon turntable

Hi all. I just bought a Project Carbon TT and need to decide about the phono preamp. Whats the best choice for my TT? I've read some articles about these options:
- Phono Box S
- Cambridge Audio Azur 640P or 651P
- Musical Fidelity X-LP
- Gram Slee Gram Amp 2SE
- Creek OBH8SE
- Bottlehead Seduction
- AES PH-1
- Musical Surroundings Phenomena
- Vista Audio

Is the Phonobox S the best buy in cost-benefit ?

Thank you all.

Of all the above mentioned..I would go with the musical surroundings ..its there more expensive NOVA without the battery. I own the phonobox S and it is warm and wide but it is lacking bass definition and it flavors thesound towards warm and lush rather than detail and attak. Its a good unit for $200 for sure.I am switching to the MS phenom asap.
I am using the Musical Fidelity X-LP with the Carbon TT and am enjoying it very much. It is mated with a Musical Fidelity CD PRE 24 preamp/ cd player and a Prima Luna PL 5 tube amp, so I may be benefitting from same brand synergy. The sound has good detail and warmth. I had the Pro-ject preamp for awhile and was not a fan.
I use a Pro-ject Phono Box S with my Pro-ject RM5.1 SE/Sumiko Blue Point No. 2. This pairing happened by accident.

I actually bought the Phono Box S for a secondary system I was building. It was more phono pre-amp than I needed but it was offered to me at a very good price so I bought it. I noticed the switches on the bottom for full cartridge loading, something my Parasound pre did not have, and decided to try it in my main system first. I was blown away. Totally silent when there use to be a minute amount of hiss through my speakers. The soundstage opened up and the overall dynamics increased. Needless to say, the Phono Box S was staying in my primary system. Truly an outstanding, full featured little pre-amp for the money. Recommend it highly.
Add to your list the Jasmine LP 2.0 (Amazon for $499). Read the reviews here and other prominent audio sites.