Best phono preamp for Dynavector 20XL

I'm currently using an Aragon 47K with outboard power supply, and I was quite happy with it until I hooked up a VTL TP 2.5 and discovered liquid midrange that wasn't in the 47K. However, the 2.5 is too noisy for this low output coil, so I've got the upgrade bug. I'd love to combine the best features of the 47K with the TP2.5.

A Dynavector P-75 has been suggested by a knowledgable source. My budget will be in the $500 to $1100 range.

I have a VTL TL5.5, VTL ST150, Vienna Acoustics Beethovens. Oh, the table is a Systemdec IIX with Linn Basik Arm. I listen to lots of jazz; orchestra (John Williams is among my favorites); 60s,70s rock; basically everything except most opera and most country.
I'll second the Dynavector P75 phonostage. I have used one with both the 17D2 MKII and the for a short while with a XX2 cartridge. They work very well with the Dynavector cartridges.
I would second the P-75 particularly since it has an "enhancement" circuit for use with Dyna cartridges. New it's a great buy, if you can find one used it's a total steal. Happy listening!
hello marktrav, i have mentioned this before on audiogon posting, i am using a mitch moded ear 834p and it has no problem with output volume to your system with the low output 20xl, the ear is more money but for my ears its worth it, good luck on your choice, mike
Wright PP 100 with K&K tranny is what I use. The Wright is ridiculously good and can be had for $845. It will be very hard to beat at twice the amount paid. The K&K also gets good reviews. Mine is 10x ratio.
I used one with a Rega P3- RB 300 and a Creek OBH-8 and works very good.

My another combo is a Oracle Paris+ Audioquest PT 5 or 6, and the Dyna 17 Karat D2 MKII, and the Creek here donĀ“t work well, maybe the OBH-9 or 9 SE.