Best phono DIN/RCA cable

Need IC cable from Shelter 90X/SME V to Plinius M14 phono, and IC from phono to 300B integrated amp KR Audio 340. Have Avantgarde Duo speakers. What speakers cables ??? Any recommendations? Audio stores in Croatia does NOT keep high caliber cables, so it is impossible to try them in my system, before buying them. THX.
How much do you want to spend? There is "best" and there is "best for the money."
I'd have to say the best I've tried is the Purist Venestas. By a pretty big margin. Other very good ones are the Hovland Music Groove 2 and the Graham IC50/70. I've had all in my system.

The Purist is in a different league...
I also have a Purist Venustas, and can affirm everything Jfrech said. I just didn't know if you were prepared to spend $1800 (Venustas) or $3000+ (Purist Dominus.)

Another cable (which I haven't heard) that is I understand is comparable to the Hoveland 2 is the Cardas Golden Reference.
I really enjoy the XLO signature phono 3.1 and 3.2 cables.
They're great!
Big smooth transparent open sound without harshness.
Much better imaging than the Cardas Golden Reference in my setup.
Thanks for the post. What differences do you hear between the Venustas and the Graham IC-70 (I have the IC-70).
The Purist is much much more quiet. Which allows tons more detail and imaging clues to emerge. Sweeter top end, deeper bass. More weight in the vocals. It's dramatic, not subtle. More real, wet presentation.

Some people might say the Graham cable is bright, I wouldn't, but the Purist keeps the detail, but portrays it on a black black background.

It's like a phono stage or cartidge upgrade. That big.

Downside, it takes 2-3 months to break in on normal playback. Sounds better right away, but will just keep opening up...
Nsgarch, best for the money. thx
Jfrech, did you ever have Purist HDI in your system? Could you compare it with Venustas? thx
Kimber Silver Ag,But I have not heard the very best so I can't comment on what the others have to say on this post.
At $600.00 to $800.00 US Dollars the Kimber Silver Ag,
and Hoveland 2.I haven't listened to cables above this price point.You may want to try the lending library at USEDCABLE.COM under fatwyre.I'm not sure if they ship out internationally .But that is how I tried to find the best phono cable for my system.
Never tried the HDI, so I can't help. I have tried the Dominus, not in a phono cable, but in a o my....I wish money grew on tree's.
Planetfax -- for the money, Hovland and Cardas. I've heard XLO is a good buy, and read mixed reactions to the Graham in these forums, but but don't have personal experience with either.

They are all around $700 +/_ and are available used (if you're patient) and easy to sell if you want to upgrade. You can always sign up at if you want to compare a few different ones in your system. If you're not quite sure and you're going to be spending over $500, I think that is a good way to go IF they have what you want to try!

There are some pure silver phono IC's, but with a Shelter 90x combined with the silver internal wiring of the SME V, I think it best to avoid cables that might be on the bright side, IMO.

It's also considered good practice to use the same brand and type of IC from phono preamp to preamp as from tonearm to phono preamp.

ALL PAD cables are well made, but the three Ferox filled models are (sonically) the most desireable, due to the emi/rfi/shock resistance of the Ferox. From lowest to highest $$, they are: Museaus, Venustas, and Dominus, The Dominus model is still available in a fluid filled version, but I don't know what it's advantages are.
try wolff empress dragon; they sound great!