Best Phono Cartridge for VPI Titan Turntable

I realize this is somewhat subjective, however, if cost was really not a limitation what cartridge would you purchase. My VPI Titan has the Fatboy tone arm. 


Keeping suggestions purely subjective, I'd consider Soundsmith or Audio Technica ART series(ART1000 specifically).

I've used both brands on my VPI, and Ledermann uses  VPI to demo his carts.

Enjoy  it. It's a looker.

You likely have a proper phonostage for any cartridge you decide on.

I have a Audio Research Ref 10 Phono Stage if it makes a difference. Thanks for everyone’s input so far. 

I have a 10" gimbal fatboy/My Sonic Lab Platinum..The best and most musical cartridge that I’ve heard and lots of inner detail..but this is the first time that I have purchased a cartridge of this caliber.


I’ve got all audio research stuff… so maybe we are looking for a similar sound. There’s a place to put your system and venue if you plan on hanging around. It is really useful for us to make informed recommendations and you don’t have repeat your components.