Best Phono Cable for Ortofon MC Anna

Hello there , Im currently hunting for new phone cable to replace my Cardas Golden Reference phonoCable which i have used for my Ortofon A90 cart for 3 years.

As the Mc Anna will arrive next week , i wish i can prepare the phono cable in advance.

My Phono Cable shortlist are :

1. Proteus Provectus
2. Cardas Clear
3. MIT Magnum

System to match >

Suggestions are all highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.
How about a Ortofon Phono cable? System Synergy? :-)
nothing beats incognito. acts like no cable at all in any a/b you can ever imagine.
I just received my Proteus Provectus DIN to RCA last week and have compared it to Audience, Ocellia and several others. Send me an e-mail and will explain all I hear.
sklein at soundsofsilence dot com

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Dear Dreamauduio : ++++ " My phono cable shortlist.... " +++++

I don't know what are you looking for or why you already have a " shortlist ".

IMHO we want that cables ( any on any audio system link. ) add nothing and lost nothing of the audio signal and IMHO that means: accuracy and dead neutrality.
Is this what you are looking for or you need/like some " coloration here and there "?

If you want something low low on ccolarations then you need to find out not only a " name " on cables but which one measure the lower on resistance and capacitance by feet and which kind of cable connectors are using because cable connectors " per-sé " makes a difference too: colored or near to absolute neutrality.

If I was you and not only because the Anna I will care in deep about not only the tonearm/phono cable but the ones through all the system chain.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Raul is correct.....cable connections make a BIG difference. I've listened to the same cable RCA - RCA vs. DIN - RCA and in my system (which will vary from yours) I always prefer the DIN-RCA connection. Unfortunately this makes trying different phono cables all the more difficult.

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I would try Nordost Valhalla over those listed....simply because it's the best this side of Odin or Siltech Royal Signature.
I roll my own interconnects. but I have had some experience with commercial brands. Somehow, Cardas cables always seem to impart the same coloration, to my ears: a bit slow and a bit "dark" sounding; everything sounds "good", but the music does not "jump". If you had nothing to compare them too, you would not fault them. On the other hand, the original Nordost cables, with multi-strands in parallel on a flat side by side plane, always made my ears bleed. (I have never heard Valhalla, and I know they have somewhat departed from their original design philosophy.) I like Transparent, the higher end ones, and MIT TOTL can be great, as well. Since they are both so expensive, I was driven to make my own.
Out here we always end up discussing/recommending audiophile brands of cables which IMO in most cases are voiced. You pay for the voicing in general. If you talk about neutrality, the most neutral cable I have heard yet is Mogami (Japan). Here is a phono cable that is purposefully built for SME and Jelco arms by Jelco using a suitable Mogami conductor:

You can buy them off ebay. They cost hardly anything by but they beat most of the "super cables" we normally talk about. Try it out, not to save your money but to hear a very uncoloured, wide band, clean presentation. It may end up as your reference cable to measure other incoming cables. Just my 0.02.
Most people select cables as bandaids for their system. For example my system's a bit dull so I pick bright cables, or my systems a bit bright so I'll use dull cables.
The best story I've heard was from an Absolute Sound staffer many years ago who sat at the back of a room at Chicago for a rest. One guy came in and said the system was a bit bright, probably due to the Monster cables because thats what he heard when he tried them. Some time later another guy comes in and says the system's a bit dull, but that would be the Monster cable.
Most audio cables are marketing based products - trial and error production until you get a sound that the designer likes in their reference system - how much gold is in there, how much silver, etc you can easily build a compelling argument for any given construct. It's not pseudo science as such, its more a case of the manufacturer being selective in articulating the appropriate scientific evidence that supports their design construct.
My view is that using a complete front to back loom from the same manufacturer is arguably the best way to truly audition cables.
If you think Cable A is the best then why wouldn't you run Cable A through the whole system.
For myself I only use MIT, top of the line. MIT does timing and coherence better than any other I've heard. I believe Bruce Brisson leads the pack by a wide margin in his research. As well as his own range he has designed internal and external wiring looms for Goldmund, Spectral with their meg bandwidth amplifers and numerous others. This is clearly more evident if you wire the whole system with it. It is not as expensive as you think because I have found the benefits last forever, you only need to upgrade every 10-15 years or so. If you cant afford the top of line, buy 2nd or 3rd generation back top of the line, it usually sounds more refined than newer lower level cable.
Good to know Pani. This cable came with my Moerch DP-6 and I have been wondering if I would benefit from an upgrade to a more expensive cable. Looks like I will be trying cables that offer an audition/return option.
Good to know Pani. This cable came with my Moerch DP-6 and I have been wondering if I would benefit from an upgrade to a more expensive cable. Looks like I will be trying cables that offer an audition/return option.

Roscoeiii, undoubtedly you have a very nice cable already and it is good enough to be used with most high end MCs. I have seen and heard this cable being used in very high end analog setups which had cartridges like ZYX universe and TTs like Avid Acutus. These setups had were clad with very expensive cables all throughout but for phono this Jelco was considered worthy. This is just one example, I have heard more.
Hi Dreamaudio, a few thoughts...

I have some experiences here to share. All DIN terminations off the tonearm...When I had my SME 20/2 SME IV.Vi arm, Lyra Skala Cartridge I tried the following cables:

1)Stock SME (think it was some sort of vandenhul
2)Graham IC50
3)Hovland Music Groove
4)Purist Venastas
5)Purist Proteus Provectus
6)Purist Proteus Provectus Praesto
7)Transparent Reference XL (MM2 version)

This are in order of preferenence. As you moved through resolution, quietness goes up. The purist cables added some warmth also versus the sliver graham ic50, which I never quite (pardon this) warmed up to. The Hovland was a nice cable for the $$'s. But the Purist Venastas is a significant difference and improvement in nearly all areas. It's like a cartridge upgrade.

Since the SME table, I moved to a GrandPrix Monaco Table with a specially factory wired Tri Planar (current u ii version) that terminates in a DIN connector about 4-6 inches from the base of arm. Lyra Skala, Lyra Atlas or Allaerts MC2 Finish cartridge. The only cables I've tried here are the Purist Proteus Provectus Praesto or a Transparent Reference XL mm2. Again both being din to rca cables.

I didn't mention this above, but the Purist PPP vs the Venastas is a big step up in resolution, beauty in the mids, wonderful clear extended top end, even more quiet...maybe looses just a touch in deep bass extension that the Purist Venastas possesses. The Transparent Ref XL MM2 is very similar to the Purist Proteus Provectus Praesto except it adds the deep bass extension back and it's even MORE quiet, allow more details, imaging clues, to emerge. Maybe a touch warmer also on top...matches a bit better with my Wilson Maxx 3's.

Hope this 2 cents at least!
Cardas Clear since you had Cardas before and seemed to like it.
Second on the Mogami. I use 2549 for unbalanced RCA for all of my system. I've heard 2534 is very good for balanced. I use their speaker cables also.
2nd the Valhalla if you want an open window to the music.
I'd go with the Purist Proteus, have heard it and loved it but can't afford it!