Best phono box for Rega P3-24TT/ Dynavector MC

I have a Rega P3-24 with their upgraded power supply, and a Dynavector 10X5 highout MC. I don't anticipate upgrading turntable or cartridge(maybe cartridge)soon

It will be plugged into a Bel Canto PR3 pre-amp, with Red Dragon M-500 digital monoblocks. The speakers are Acoustic Zen Adagios and AZ Hologram 2 speaker cable.

I may have a shot at buying a PS Audio GCPH-1 phono box "DEMO" at almost half off. It gets get great reviews.

However do I need that good a box for my analog set-up and the rest of the audio system??. I have read the Musical Surrounding PhonomenaII, the Sim LP-3, are almost as good.

The Vincent phono box (with separate PS), and Musical Fidelity VLPS-1 are good, but not equal to the others.

Would like a box with easy loading and capacitance switches or controls. Need some advice and input. Thank you
I am in a similar position with the exception of using Clearaudio Performance as source. I look forward to the replies. I have thought about the PS audio GCPH and the Graham Slee ERA Gold.
I have a P3-24 with TTPSU and a Dynavector 20x2H. I home auditioned a dealer demo (fully broken in) DV P-75 and a (brand new) Moon 110LP. The Moon was better in every respect except for smoothness in the top end. It's more dynamic, has better soundstage, more detail, and much better bass. I went for the Moon, assuming the top end would get smoother like the DV as it started to run in. I was right. Just a few weeks later the Moon has really started getting much better. I have no regrets at all going with it over the DV.
I just bought the TTVJ Hybrid phono, also half off. Easy to adjust. Love the sound.
Hi Dwette, sorry for going off topic here, but would you mind sharing a few comments about your DV 20X2H. In particular what you like and dislike about it. I ask because I have the same cartridge. If you prefer, feel free to send me an e mail through A'gon. Thanks
I don't really have much to compare the DV 20x2H to. I previously had a 25 yr old Linn LP12 in disrepair with a Goldring GL of the same age.

I just got back into vinyl and went with my dealer's recommendation on the 20x2H. In any case, my new Rega P3-24 with the DV sounds much better than what I had before, in every way, but I now have a whole new system with the addition of a Naim UnitiQute and Dynaudio Contour S1.4s.

With that said, I listen to acoustic jazz and classical. The setup I have now is more revealing, more dynamic, has better soundstage, and is far more satisfying to hear than my previous setup ever was.
I have the same set up, P3/24, 10x5H. I'm using the RSA F-117 Nighthawk with great results. I had the PS Audio GCPH both in the stock and modded versions and the Nighthawk easily outperformed the stock unit in all areas while just nudging out the modded version in terms of imaging and wider soundstage. The Nighthawk has left and right gain and impedence controls, very flexible.
Flexibility and quality do not necessarilly go together. For example, LAMM phono stage is not very flexible but extremely good. My current phono, Acoustech, is somewhat less flexible than Simaudio but sounds really good with Dyna10X5 which I think I am going to replace soon but not because of the phono. So...that was my thought.
I want to thank everyone who responded so far. Every recommedation was useful. However, without posting a new related thread, my choice based on budget has come down to the Jolida JD-9A (tube)phono pre-amp or the Graham Slee SE2 which is solid state.

The Jolida is both MM/MC and has small switches on the back to adjust impedance and loading which I have realized is very important for accurate cartridge performance Its chassis "supposedly" will support a medium weight table

The Graham Slee is smaller, almost cube shaped. It works with MM and high output MC's. It has an output range from 2.0 to 10mV.. However, it has no adjustments for impedance or loading which are pre-set.

I have not auditioned either or will have a chance to. However, the GS received very good reviews, the Jolida JD-9A, based on a poorly done review in "Enjoy the Music",was only better than average. The reviewer plugged the Jolida into a mega buck system that had a Thor TD-3000 phono pre-amp which lists for $6000. The reviewer claimed that compared to the Thor unit, differences between the Jolida and Thor were definately noticeable, but not as large as what he expected. His final rating of the Jolida was a B/B+ rating.....What a bonehead way to evaluate a product, that is, comparing a $450 PP against a $6000 unit!!!!

Therefore, I need some input about the compatibility of either the Jolida or the Graham Slee with the Dynavector and Rega cited in my thread Thank you
If you have a 10x5 I suggest a Dynavector P-75...great synergy. good luck however you go...
If you have a 10x5 I suggest a Dynavector P-75...great synergy. good luck however you go...
You know, I made that assumption about my 20x2, but the Moon 110LP really was better than the P-75. I auditioned the P-75, so maybe the Mark II changes that, but I ended up getting the Moon, even though it cost me $100 more than the dealer demo P-75 would have.
yes, the MkII is an improvement, and also how it was loaded...
Related situation. I too have a Rega p3-24, but with Elys 2 cartridge, with Cambridge 640p phono preamp, into Linn Classik amp. Am thinking of upgrading phono preamp, perhaps from SS to tube and one level up in sound quality, but with budget $200-$500. Mostly for acoustic jazz, older soul, and bass-heavy hip hop. Any thoughts?