Best phono amplification for my setup ?

I am very please with my VPI MK IV plus all options,Rega RB 300 modified,Denon DL 103, Quicksilver V4s, Spendor S8e and a well treated room. I need your opinions on how to amplify the phono signal. I am open to a full function preamp with mm and mc or only mm with a stepup transformer or a phono stage with mm and mc or mm only with a line stage. It seams to me that fewer amps and interconnect would be better.
My personal preference is for Herron electronics. There is a very good line stage with a phono input option. I have not heard it myself but it's supposed to be quite good. I've used Herron equipment for a long time with a VPI HW-19 MK3, FT-3 and an AT-OC9ML. Very satisfied.
A Croft model depending on your budget (valve mm only with tube buffer & volume/selector -not active line preamp) & a dedicated step-up for your DL103 from Auditorium 23.