Best Phono amp under $2000.

I'm looking at the Ray Samuels F-117, the Ray Samuels XR 2. Also looking at the Sutherland 20/20 and the PHD3. I want a solid state phono amp,I already have a tube phono amp. My first choices are Sutherlands and the Samuels.. Has anyone ever compared these phono amps. Whats the difference in their sonic signature? I have a Nottingham with 2 tone arms. The carts I'm using are the Dynavector DV20 high output and a Grado Reference Master 1.I want to try low output MC's eventually.What other amps at $1000 to $2000 are recommended?
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Other experienced A'gon members (no longer posting regularly) had recommended Heed Quasar when I was looking for a Lehman Black Cube replacement. I can't say "best" but it would be in your price range.
You might be able to find a used Allnic H1201 for around $2K. I have it and think it's phenomenal. I replaced a JLTI mkIV with the Allnic, and the JLTI is well within your price range. It's very detailed and quiet and dynamic, but doesn't have the full/rich sound of the Allnic in my opinion. But the JLTI was still quite a nice little phono stage. I almost pulled the trigger on a used Herron VTPH-1 phono stage before getting the Allnic. Used that's also in your price range and is supposed to be quite good.
I'll jump in here and beat Peter to the punch by recommending his Liberty Audio B2B-1 phono preamp. Mikey seemed to like it quite a bit.
I really liked the Avid Pulsus. Clear improvement over the SimAudio Moon 5.3LP with optional extenal power supply. Especially in treble and bass.

Have since moved on to a Musical Fidelity kW phono preamp, which is a beast. No longer made, and not sure what it goes for on the used market if you can track one down. kW gear shows the sonic benefit of having a nice burly power supply.

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Dazzlingmd is right, that H1201 is very nice. I liked it a little better than my $4300 Zesto Andros. There was one for sale at under $2k the other day on audio asylum.
Vortex and Dazzlingmd, isn't the Allnic H1201 a tube phono stage? Zeal clearly stated in his original post that he was looking for a solid state phono preamp. I have not heard the Allnic, and I'm sure it is very good, but I did not recommend the Herron VTPH-1, which is also very good, because it also is a tube phono stage.
Musical Surroundings NOVA phono pre. It charges while not in use then when you turn it on it switches to battery mode. Super quiet and all the settings you could ever need,awesome sound!
Pass Labs XOno used around $2000!

All the adjustments you would ever need for MM or MC cartridges.

Quiet, very detailed, and slightly warm IMO. High gain.

Super reliable.
Sorry, I missed the detail in the post about ss amps. Yes, the Allnic and Herron are both tubes. The JLTI is SS and I liked it a lot, but there's not a universal view on those. I found it great with the rock, jazz and acoustic music I listen to, and it can be had for around $800 used (it's $1600 new).

Before I got the Allnic tube phono stage, I was also considering the JC-3 and Pass Labs, but I never actually heard either. Lots of good reviews, though.
I also like the Liberty B2B. It bested the Krell KPE Reference in my system.
The Liberty and the Musical Surrounding Nova looks interesting. Has anyone compared it's sonic signature to the other phono amps I'm looking at? How does the Nova sound compared to the Liberty or even the Sutherland 20/20? There's not any Audio stores near here so I depend on Audiogoner's opinions.
The AYRE P-5xe is $2350 new and worth it. You should be able to find it used or demo for less. It is particularly good if you can run it balanced in as well as balanced out.
Are there anymore phono amps under 2k?
Rogue Audio - Triton (SS) for $1K and Ares (tubed) for $2K. I own both - I use the Triton for rock and the Ares for jazz/acoustic. I'm very happy with the sound. Both of these have plenty of loading options.
I am amazed at how good the Sim Audio lp 5.3rs, and I assume the lp310 are. Can definitely be had for under 2000. Quiet as, and detailed good tone top to bottom.
Has anyone heard the Whest 30R?
musical surroundings nova phonomena excellent sound plenty of settings to suit your taste,,,battery charges when unit off ,you can switch to battery operation(does sound better)when listening ..
Sutherland 20/20 is a great phono pre with a great deal of flexibility to accommodate a wide range of carts. I had little experience beyond the phono card in my integrated, but the Sutherland was a very large audible upgrade for me. Integrated was / is a Luxman 505u. It has been my favorite upgrade so far.
Jmowbray, I'm curious about why you prefer the Triton over the Ares for rock? I'm leaning towards getting an Ares over a Triton because I generally like the tube sound better, but I do listen to more rock, reggae, electronic and world music with the occasional jazz record thrown in. Also, what amp are you using with them (I'm using a Rogue Cronus Magnum w/ KT 120s)?