Best phone preamp for under $500.

I just was looking at a thread asking for opinions for the best phono preamp. I am wondering what phono preamp would be recommended if you only had $500 to spend on one. I've heard good things about the Redgum from Australia.
Please keep in mind I am selling one of these but I think the Lehmann Black cube and Plinius Jarrah are the best in that range. I am looking to upgrade though...
About 18 months ago, when I was also looking for very good quality phono preamp in the $500 (used) range, I considered several models and eventually chose the Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE (the model with the much larger power supply). I have been very pleased with the SE's performance in my system. There are 1 or 2 other phono preamps in the $800-1200 (MSRP) that certainly deserve consideration, the Black Cube SE should be on your "short list" to audition. (And DO audition the finalists on your list -- their performance will be highly dependent on the other components in your system.)
Trichord Dino with no doubt can be the best budget phono with mm/mc and adjustable impedance. Also available for extra$ upgrade to the power supply.
grado ph-1...have owned it for a couple of months, and have been blown away at the soundstage and tone.