Best person to align/modify a FM tuner?

I have a tuner that I would like to have an expert align, update the op-amps/caps, re-wire all audio wire and ad better RCA outs.

Who/what company would you suggest?

Last year, I had my Kenwood KT-8300 modified by Joseph Chow at Component Plus USA. He upgraded caps and resistors, upgraded the power supply, replaced internal wiring and installed an IEC connector to use an upgraded power cord and installed high quality gold plated RCA outputs. The results??? Fantastic. Deeper, more controlled bass, quieter background, increased signal, improved soundstage. Quite a feat for a tuner. Visit the website at There are several upgrades to choose from. Email them with any questions. I plan to send him my Kenwood 600T to upgrade in the coming months.
Bill Thallman ( on the E. coast and Mike Zucarro on the W. coast are always highly recommended....
Jaguar, thanks. Did you have Joseph do an alignment as well?

Take care, Jim
Yes Jim...Joseph does a thorough cleaning and alignment with any of the upgrades.
Check out Don Scott, member ID bdscott. He's in NJ and does excellent work [exactly what you specified] at reasonable prices.
Mike Zucarro did a great job on my tuner. I don't know if he is into MODing but is the guy if you want it back up to spec.
I agree with Jaguar, Joseph Chow does a superb job.
Highly Recommended!