Best performing cartridge under $500.00?

I have a Goldring G99 turntable with SME 3009 arm. Would like the best performing cartridge for the money under $500.00.

Grado Reference Sonata. Or the Statement if you can use it with your pre
I'd spell Goldring Eroica(pick any either H or L depending on the phonostage you have). Dynavector 20X(H or L) if you get it from Asia mail-order to be in the budget.
I couldn't disagree more. The Goldring doesn't hold a stick to the Grado. I have used both.
Among cartridges costing less than $500 (MSRP), there are only two that I personally recommend:
1. The Grado Sonata;
2. The Shure V15VxMR.

Both cartridges have relatively "warm" yet detailed sound with good soundstaging. The one "downside" to the Grado is that is is susceptible to picking up hum from the motors of some turntables, so a degree of caution in matching is warranted. The Shure V15VxMR rarely gets the kudos it deserves from audiophiles, but it's a fine cartridge and arguably the best value of any cartridge in its general price bracket. It also has the best tracking ability of any cartridge selling for less than $750.
Denon 103R

Haven't heard the Grado Sonata, but it definitely blows away the Shure.

Only catch is you have to buy a step-up transformer with the Denon. But it won't be a problem since the Denon is well under $500.
I'd also include the Grado Platinum at $300, if you want to be well under the $500 mark. Same basic strengths as the Sonata but less detail.
I agree the Denon DL103R is the best that I've experienced under $500. A good higher mass tonearm with good bearings is a must. Needs at least 65db gain in the phono stage.