Best performances of Handel's "Water music"?

Any recommendations of the best performances of this masterwork? Thanks!
McGegan on Harmonia Mundi.
I second the McGegan, superb performance and sound, but be forewarned, it is very fast-paced, faster than most conductors take the piece. Pinnock/English Concert on Archiv is another one I like a lot, probably because it was the first version I really listened to a lot.
The Pinnock/English Concert on Archiv is the best by far. Not only is it the best performance, but it's the best recording too. This piece inspired me to go to England and travel up the Thames River by boat just as was done almost three hundred years ago by Handel. The royalty were in one barge, and Handel and his orchistra were in the other barge travelling side by side. I was impressed with the scenery of the upper Thames, while the lower Thames by London...well let's just say it did not have the same charm.
If you like Handel's Water Music, you might want to try Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks. It's by the same group and on the same label as Water Music
My personal fav is Pierre Boulez conducting the NY Phil on Columbia Masterworks M33436
As noted, Pinnock/English Consort and McGegan/Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra. The Pinnock continues to be my favorite performance (alert, alive and with rhythmic vitality); the McGegan is very very good and in superior sound.
Thanks all of you for the suggestions. I'll buy the Pinnock and McGegan and see which one I like better.

Analogphil, do you have the Boulez's version on CD or LP? if you have it on CD, is there any place in internet where I can buy it?

Thanks again.
I have it on LP only.