Best PC for McIntosh MC 1201 amps?

What's the best PC to use with the McIntosh MC1201 monoblock amplifier? I'm considering Shunyata Python or Viper and the Electraglide Fat Boy PC's What do you all think? Any others to consier? Thanks for the help.
Many AC Cords are NOT going to fit on the MC 1201's EIC, including Shunyata.
I use JPS Labs AC-2 on my MAC gear(C42 pre,MC352 pwr.)with outstanding results.Improved resolution in detail,dynamics,and bass response are some of the sonic traits I've experienced.Can be found on the Gon in the $250.00 ballpark.I too was wondering about Shunyata's,but they're pricy,and frequently changing models.
Maybe Stage3 power cables would fit, superb cables - performance + quality in one. If not, I'd be willing to bet they would custom design the appropriate termination for you.