Best pair of $ 1500 speakers to match with Rotel?

I hope this isn't too boring of a question but I just bought a Rotel 1072 CD player and am contemplating buying their 1062 integrated amp, which will leave $ 1500. in my small budget for speakers. Any suggestions? I'd consider buying used. I'm afraid the Axiom M80TI's at $1300 are too good to be true. Are they? I currently have B&W P5's that I bought 12 years ago, but they now seem rather polite and lacking bass. Anyone care to share their wisdom? Many thanks!!!
B&W CM-1
Spend more on a different integrated. Then spend 1K on PSB Stratus Gold i's. Or spend even more on the integrated and buy PSB Stratus Silver I's for around 7-800.00. These are an incredible bargain at this price point. BTW-These are used prices-but there usually available here on A-Gon.
Since Axiom has a trial period, why don't you order them and find out for yourself? The reviews of the M80TI's are universally good, but trying them in person is the only way to know if they suit your equipment, your room, and your listening tastes.
For $1,500 used you can get a pair of Merlin TSM-MM's and have speakers that will last you through another couple rounds of source and amp upgrades.

The Rotel pieces may not be the ultimate electronics but they're damn good for the money and putting the bulk of your budget into a really great pair of speakers, like the Merlins or others, and upgrading the electronics later if you get the itch is better than doing the reverse, in my experience.
OK-- any suggestions for a "better integrated"? NAD C370? Or?
I love the NAD integrated amps for the money.
I currently own an Audio Refinement Complete and could not be happier.
It sounds good on every speaker I've used and bested many more expensive combos.

Good luck!
Thanks, guys! There is so much gear out there-- it can really be overwhelming. I hadn't heard of the Merlins. I will look into them. Do you think the NAD C320bee provides more bang for the buck than the Rotel RA1062? Any thoughts on direct-order speaker quality (Axiom, Onix) as opposed to brick-and-mortar brands?
I've owned a few different Rotel & NAD pieces. To me, NAD components are a little more "polite" as you say. I think Rotel is a much better bang for your buck.
Well if you can get Merlins for 1500 that would be quite the score.

If you dont want to spend all the money and since you mentioned internet direct brands, far and away the best pair out there are the Ascend 340SEs. Its a 30 day trial in your home deal so you risk shipping one way and nothing else.
I would try to buy a pair of b&w 805's used on audiogon i'm using apair of the new N805S with Rotel gear and mit speaker cables and i have been very happy with the clean wide open soundstage that i have ,happey speaker hunting