Best Packaging in the Business

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in the audio business, secure packaging before shipping is VERY important. A sloppy package can result in an audiophile's worst nightmare: maimed/missing equipment. This is especially devastating because of the wet dream an audiophile would have waiting for the arrival of his or her newly purchased component.

In the light of this realization, I believe that a recognition is in order for audio equipment manufacturers who provide superb packaging of their products. While all superb packaging would be durable and protective, there might be other details in packaging that impress audiophiles.

Who do you think provides the most superb packaging?
Best crates:

Wilson Watt 3/Puppy 2
JM Lab Utopia
Entec I2F

Best boxes:

Mac (partly),
Kimber (Pelican),
PS Audio (original P300 box).

Best dealer packaging? US!

Based on: Safety the of enclosed item/s AND ease of un packing and re packing.

Worse (factory) packing? Well, that wasn't the topic, but that list is a long one.
They use a double box-within-a-box, and inside that
a custom fitted box with foam block surrounds, just
in case the UPS/FedEx guy throws it off the back of the
VPI and Bryston both do an excellent job of packaging their products in boxes that will withstand a lot of abuse.
I must say that a few years ago I was setting up a pair of Wilson Watt/Puppies for a friend. The packaging for this things blew my mind. I mean, the construction of the crates was better than the construction of many loudspeakers out there.

I also had the great pleasure of setting up a pair of Mark Levinson 33H's after having the great displeasure of having to carry the crates down a flight of stairs. The 33 and 33H are assembled attached to their shipping crates and it was impecable.

I wish I saw this sort of packaging for all of my gear and would be willing to spend the extra money for it. However, most packaging has left a lot to be desired.
Yes, the double box-in-a-box method with foam around component in inner box, foam around inner box in outer-box--this is about the most surefire packaging and I know that Levinson, Cary, and McIntosh all do this. Always arrives in one-piece even if the outer box gets dinged up.

But best packaging is w/o a doubt Jeff Rowland amps--foam on all sides around amp (which itself is in a velvet bag), that inside a hard metal flight case, which itself is surrounded by foam and contained in an outer box. Superb packaging. Bullet proof.

I also like guys that use hard wooden crates like Lamm, again, very hard to get shipping damage in that case (tho not impossible).
Avalon speakers. Saw a fork lift drop them at the air freight terminal and no damage done!
Verity speakers - the metal cases provided by this company are unbelievably well made and able to withstand an earthquake. The absolute best!
Not exactly on topic, but, if you want to ship a piece of gear, certain UPS centers have a machine that makes self expanding styrofoam-like plastic bags. These are then placed into the box (or outer box) where they will swell and conform, wrappping and protecting your unit. These bags end up as a solid hard styrofoam shell. I'm sure other shippers must have this machine, too. Perhaps someone knows the name of this device. Happy Tunes!
I second the Levinson/Madrigal comment- I had a pair of Citation amps years ago, and the 'box-within-a-box' was way cool.
SILVERLINE AUDIO ( deserves at least an honorary mention for their efficient packaging of floorstanding loudspeakers...

1 outer box
3 inner boxes
4 fitted Styrofoam panels (1 for each side of the speaker)
Heavy plastic over the speaker itself

A fairly simple technique, yet quite effective.


OTHERS to mention...

Clayton Audio (amplifiers)
Joseph Audio (speakers)
KR Enterprise (amplifiers, now KR Audio Electronics)
Merlin Music (speakers, TSM-M specifically)
ProAc (speakers)
Voce Divina (speakers)

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Ayre Acoustics beyond a doubt. Both my amp and preamp were so well-sealed even UPS couldn't hurt 'em.
Levinson. Box within a box with several inches of foam in between. I've never tried it--but I'll bet it could withstand a 6 foot drop test. Someone put in Cary--At least my Cary was terrible. It was a box inside a box, but with no cushioning and flimsy material. I don't it could servive the 3 inche drop test.
McIntosh without a question.

No doubt about McIntosh still the best. Boys in Japan go as far as collecting them (packing) from Macs.
The others good ones Jeff Rowland,Wilson,Nagra,Avalon.

The worst/most disappointing JM LAB, Goldmund,Spectral

Just my two cents.