Best P-Mount cartridge -- No Grado please

I have a nice turntable and want to try and get the best out of it but it only takes P-mount,, any suggestions? NO GRADO, to dark and boring and I own two of them the gold and a Red, but my audio technica sounds better! Also, I am using the PARASOUND PHONO pre upgraded by galen carol audio with all Black gate caps and power supply, I am pleased with the results but am looking to find a well detailed and bass controling cartridge, as I said the technica is not bad but would like to try others,, I do not even know who makes decent High end p-mounts anymore--besides grado which I like but does not have enough detail--a little to laid back for my AR tube pre-amp. THANKS
Oh, and any suggestions on where to find these cartridges would be helpful, I cant find them anywhere--for example supposedly the Sumiko blue point comes in pmount but none of the manufacture literature on the site verifies this, and I guess I could use MM or MC with no problem with the phono pre that I have. any good place to buy at discount would help.
The original Blue Point of a few years ago was a P-mount, however they changed the body style and the current model will no longer work. You could try sourcing a used one but it too is dark and may prove to lack excitment in the same way a Grado does for you. The Ortofon offerings are quite a bit more sprightly so you might want to look into them. I have recommended them to friends and enjoyed them in those systems. Don't shoot the messinger but if you find the Grados boring into a Parasound phono pre you may very well have balance issues that are completely independent of your phono cartridge. Good luck with the hunt.
I can understand why you would think that Grado's sound "dark" or "boring" if you like the AT sound. Most AT's had a rising high frequency response. As such, they tend to sound bright, "hot" or more "alive" than many other cartridges. On the other hand, many people find Grado's to be slightly "warm" anyhow. Comparing the two would probably highlight the differences in tonal balance to a great extent.

Viridian does bring up a valid point that the cartridges may not be properly loaded though. You might not believe the differences that changing the loading on a cartridge can make. You might want to check into this prior to dumping more money on a new cartridge as it sounds like you already have a few to choose from. The Ortofon's that "V" mentions might also be a good "mid-ground" between the AT and Grado sound.

As to P-Mounts, try contacting Garage-A-Records and see what they have to offer. They are basically a small yet personable operation that will walk you through your options. A call to Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor will probably give you a few more makes / models to think about. Sean
I actually ordered the grados from Garage-A-Records and they recommended me to not go with it at the time, they recommended the 440ml audio technica over the grado at the time, however it was not in pmount. The system sounds good with the grado, however it is just lacking at LOWER volume levels is all, If I crank it, IT really shines but I cannot due that all the time, That is why I am getting better detail with the audio technica.. Thanks guys
I agree with Ivanj. Try an Ortofon.
For sure, Ortofon is recommended. Not sure what kind (make/series) of T/T you own. Most T/T's with P-mount cartridge mount (to my knowledge) although quite listenable/enjoyable are not up to the quality of say a resonably priced T/T such as the Rega P-2 (with RB-250 tonearm), or any one of the (many available) used tables such as the Thorens TD-1(66), etc series. Point being, do not spend too much on a cartridge if your T/T is only of moderate quality.
The Ortofon MC-1 Turbo is a high output (reasonably priced --$95-$125 I believe)Moving-coil (connects directly into a MM input) that is quite good. If you e-mail me back with the type of T/T you own, perhaps I can give you some other recommendations.....

peter jasz
I use the Ortofon TM20 P-mount on a Technics SL10 linear tracking table fed into a Musical Surroundings Phonomena phono stage. Most of my records are 70's rock and roll and some jazz and the sound is dynamic and has an even frequency balance, neither screechy or excessively bass heavy. The only other cartidges i've used on this table are the original Technics MC cartridge and a Shure V15 and I prefer the Ortofon to those.
I have a mint technics ML2, rosewood base, very well built with upgraded wireing (Siltech), upgraded to audioquest sorbogel feet and J.A.Michelle Clamp, and I just like it because it is auto lift so the needle does not lay on the vinyl when it completes... most of the high end tables are all manual.
Try member Mrstereo for a great deal on the (Pmount) Ortofon of your choice. BTW MR. Jasz, I don't think the MC-1 Turbo is a Pmount.
Shure V15 MXR.
I have an Azden GMP5L P-Mount MC Cartridge. I have not used it for a long time as my tonearm does not accept P-Mount cartridges. I always loved the sound of it though. P-Mounts are kind of hard to come by these days.