Best P-Mount Cartridge MC or MM

I own some linear tracking Technics turntables. The issue that I find least discussed with them is the fact that they are almost always delivered with a POS AT P-Mount cartridge. I bought one with an original Technics cartridge which is very rare and was an OEM MC! but I don't know much else. Mine is on the worn out side which I assume is what happened to them.
What I seek is a more detailed crisper airy top end and a warm mid with a tight bass. Anyone know which cartridges to try?
I use a Technics SL-10 with MC 310 cartridge. Which is something special. Sadly the 310 is super expensive if you can find them at all.

I also use a Ortofon OM 10 Super Phono MM Cartridge with a Ortofon 40 Stylus. It is the best P-Mount Cartridge I've tried.

I did try a Pickering TL-2S which I found not to my taste.

I close friend with golden ears has tried the Ortofon X1-MCP and said and I quote "Its junk" but I have not tried it myself.

Good luck
Grado will provide many of their cartridges as P-Mount.
Funny how two people can get diametrically opposite results, Vegasears. My Pickering TL-2S carts (p-mount) sound so much better than my Grace F-9E, Ortofon OM-30 and various ADC-XLMs that it's no contest at all. I have four of them on mounted on separate SME IIIs armtubes, and currently have a second TL-2S on a JMW 10.5 (my table uses two arms).
Thank you for the responses. I have some good leads now. Could either or any describe the pickering that is in this tiny sample loved or hated?
Also I didn't know many Grados are available as P mounts. I have not been a big fan of the ones I tried on my conventional tables but that I imagine is a function of price. I always bought "giant" killer suggestions which slew no giants here. BTW I have the SL-10 the SL-05 the SL-J2 I may be writing that last one wrong. The big boy is clearly the 10 . I also own a couple of non technics that look like a very good imitations. It's that one Swiss I think with a fat brick of a linear arm that doesn't look at all like a techniques that just can't cut it it is just a door stop. (insert comical face)
That Pickering was available NOS for years via a U.K. Ebay seller at approx. $140. Now he's out of stock, though I've seen them at much higher prices. Maybe Vegasears would sell you his :-)