Best overall Speakers for $2,500.00 or less, New?

Hi, I am looking to purchase some great loudspeakers for $2,500.00 OR LESS brand new.I am NOT interested in mini-monitors.I want floor-standing, almost full-range speakers.
I want great bass, neutrality top-to-bottom, transparency, great imaging and soundstaging, openness, detail, and an extended and airy top-end.
Some of my friends recommended Paradigm 100 v.3's, Triangle Celius, etc.
In your personal experience and opinion, what full-range loudspeakers in this price range are the overall best in most sonic perimeters?
Audes Blues. These speakers reprent a great value ($2,100 new), look cool, present a huge soundstage and are very neutral sounding. They are bi-wireable, have a nominal impedence of 4 ohms and can play loud enough to satisfy most rooms. Look up what people are saying here on Audiogon and on You won't be disappointed.
Ellery911, hehe.

If you really want a special speaker at a low price point check the quad esl-63.
Some $$$$ later get some jc-1's fed direct by a cdp and you have a system better than what lots of high end shops demo ime.
The only speakers that I can think of that would satisfy your requirements (without the need of a subwoofer) will require you to troll the used market, but are well within your price range. Thiel CS3.6. I recently picked up a pair that look brand new for well under that. They are indeed very much a full-range speaker (29Hz-20kHz, +/- 1.5 db), and I think do a pretty darn good job of hitting all of your requirements. And Thiel will, in general, continue to honor warranty repairs beyond the 10 year period and for subsequent owners, so long as it was not user abuse.

Snell E.5 are $1,400.00 have a rear firing tweeter to add spaciousness. It's a floorstander with 2) 6 1/2" woofers and a 1" tweeter. 43" tall and 46 lbs each. Side by side, much better than Monitor Audio silver 9's.
Polk Lsi 15's are about $1,500 and more bass with side firing woofers but I think the Snell's are better.