Best outlet

Just installed two independent 20 amp lines each with four outlets for my system. One to be used for analog and one for digital/tv. What receptacle outlet should I get?
You may want to consider Albert Porters "Porter Ports". 20 amps, already deep immersion cryo treated and one hell of a nice guy.
The Wattgate 381 Ag was recommended to me by the Cable Co. They said it was the one that their customers eventually ended up with.

I have one and it sounds good.
I second the porter ports. I have 6 of them.

Great guy in Albert, just watch out for some them jokes :) !1

Shunyata Research SR-Z1 AC Outlet
Oversized and Cryo treated. Tight vise grip which is good for heavier gauage wire.

Oyaide's R-1
R-1 Highly (twice) polished beryllium copper

Oyaide's SWO-DX

If you have a 15A circuit and put a 20A outlet on it, it is no longer to code. If your house burns, the insurance company does not have to cover it. I was going to buy these but decided against it. Instead I bought some Hubbell 15A hospital grade outlets and had them cryo'd myself.

Just letting you know the risk involved...
I third the porter ports,amazing what a simple outlet can do!!
I have 20 amp units throughout my house so I should be good. Thanks for the suggestions!

I also went with Hospital grade 20A single duplexes on 20A dedicated lines. great grip and total elimination of any arcing... much improved out come over the standard 25 cents Levitonn supplied as orig when the house was built. Now am thinking of trying some other spiffy outlets too.

Just to see if there really is any vast improvements using upscale receptacles.
Oyaide .... no doubt in my mind
Porter Ports, no doubt.
Personally the Oyaide R1 outlets.
Read the following detailed reports
Oyaide R1 AC Outlet Report
1st impressions of Oyaide R1 outlet.
I use Zaputech Model #ZAPU2 10 amp units. They're not cryod', but instead are dipped in a frozen glass of water immediately before being shipped. This makes them much more conductive. These outlets utilize an alloy of hardened scurotium, and are hand brushed electro plated with 24.5 coats of golden fartonium.

Then they buff em'.

Available in the standard "Hospital Celery Green" or the optional "Butternut Squash Black".

These outlets have a remarkably transparent way of lowering the noise floor while raising the crown moulding area providing a seemingly larger dynamic retrospect.

Unfortunately since they're imported from Uranus, (due to present market valuation and the US oil market) they are only available in 10 amp. So, you'll need to reduce the size of the wiring in your home to meet any applicable building codes established in your area. Consult your local BOCA building codes and support your local Hells Angels.

Hope this helps, Ed.

I've never tried the Oyaide outlets however after reading some of the posts that Hotbird mentioned; I'd like to do my own comparison in my systems. Could be the way to go, I'd have to A/B it to my Porter ports, and other outlets.
Are your lines true isolated ground (i.e., grounded to the service ground buss where the power first comes into your main service box at the meter)?

If so, an Ebayer "polkmx" sells cryo'd Hubbell "HBL-8100IG" receptacles for $23.95. He sells other cryo'd Hubbells but these isolated ground receptacles are the only ones I've used.

I'm very satisfied with them.
Yes, they are isolated ground lines. Thanks to all for the suggestions. Buscis you need a little spice in your life man. Sarcasm = too much time on ones hands too think up stupid comments.
Jamesw20.... This is a little spice.

Stupid comments don't take a lot of time.

I have to ask..... Have you sat back and read the overall responses? I come from an engineering background. You would think that with such a technically oriented group that some may ask Why?

Why is it that Albert took the time to research these items?
Why did Albert feel that "unplated" was an important element in his research? Obviously other manufacturers understand the importance of the aformentioned also. Why? Furutech also offers a high performance outlet devoid of any plating. Why?

To contribute to a thread by throwing out brand name recommendations is one thing, however to understand why they are recommending them is a whole nother'.

Albert chose an unplated outlet for a reason. The only other manufacturer utilizing the same approach is doing so for exactly the same reason.

You may want to go back and review the very first response to your question. That's my serious side. Then..... Do some more homework. Thorough research will demonstrate that each and every type of plating applied to any of the materials being used during manufacturing will impart a different characteristic on the sound.
If one wishes to incorporate a coloration or create a change in the sound, the platings alone used in the various different outlets will accomplish so ten times over.

There's no reason to be serious when you want to. The need arises only when you have to.

Buscis2, I appreciate your professional opinion and certainly plan on finding out the reasons for any suggested improvements "upgraded" outlets may make on my system. Great advice for any endeavor. Thanks.
Plating sound characteristics:

Different approaches, different platings:

Hmmm..... Brass, Bronze or Copper:
I recently tried the Oyaide R1 in combination with the P-004 and I found it to sound hyperdetailed and unnatural. Switiching back to my Porter Port was like a breath of fresh air. Although the Porter Port isn't as detailed as the Oyaide, it sounds more organic in my all solid state system. Perhaps the R1 would sound better in a warmer system?

I can appreciate why plating could actually result to some coloration, e.g. gold plating seem to impart a certain level of warmth, etc. If neutrality is the goal one would think the unplated route of the power port is preferred. However I also believe one important function of plating is to guard against corrosion of the contact surface. I wonder how the porter port addresses this issue.
Great question Joel. You'll notice that the majority of the "higher end" manufacturers are using Phosphor Bronze. Phosphor Bronze contains enough Tin to not only reduce connector fatigue but to also provide an elevated level of corrosion resistance.

However, many of us have been made aware of the sound of Tin in our connectors. Certain manufacturers use Phosphor Bronze alloys containing lesser levels of Tin, increasing the need for platings to protect against corrosion resistance.

FWIW, the cryo'd Hubbell "HBL8100IG" outlets I mentioned are unplated.

Again, made of quality materials specifically for isolated ground circuits - and with GREAT grip, which I believe is the most important quality for AC connectors.
Some people like blur sound, lack of details will suit these ears well ;-)
The best that I have found are the Isoclean gold ac outlets.....
I purchased two Porterports from Albert a couple years ago when I put in two dedicated circuits. The improvement was most noticeable over your basic Leviton.

About a year ago, I purchased a Shunyata SR-Z1 and installed it on my amp circuit (two monoblocks). It made a slight but noticeable improvement. Shortly after, I purchased another SR-Z1 to put on the source circuit. The improvement dropped my jaw to the floor. Silky smooth detail and a way lowered noise floor.

About six months ago, I replaced the Hydra-4 on the source circuit with an Isoclean 80A3 power conditioner. My jaw dropped again at the lowered noise floor, greater inner detail, and holographic dimensions of the soundstage that resulted. All my audio nerd buddies agree that it's an incredible product.

I've just moved my system to another room and moved the two dedicated lines also. For the time being, the monos are plugged into the same outlet as before. However, because of the layout, I am going need to put in another outlet and then run the monos into two outlets. I plan to buy an Isoclean ICP-002G for the source circuit and will report back on how it compares to the SR-Z1.
A little late in reporting back, but hey . . .

The Isoclean ICP-002 outlet was a most noticeable improvement over the Shunyata SR-Z1 on my dedicated source circuit: greater inner detail, clarity, resolution, faster, etc.

After reading the 6moons review, I subsequently splurged and bought the Walker Extreme SST and applied it to my panel box connections, and to the outlet connections. Not much to say except that the stuff REALLY WORKS! I probably gained 2-3 db of volume, wider/deeper soundstage, even more resolution. Just amazing.

I have since star wired my amp circuit, and have an outlet for each monoblock. I have ordered two more Isoclean outlets. They are on the way now.
Well I have 8 Porter Port Duplex and 2 Isoclean single outlet. I certainly prefer Porter Port, at least for its connectivity. It grips the PC plug real tight unlike Isoclean outlet. When I connect a heavy PC to Isoclean it has a tendency to get pull out slightly- poor grip. However construction of Isoclean is 1st clean. It shld be with more than double porter port cost. anyway i m thoroughly satisfy with porter port
I meant 1st class
Since I use brass plugs, I prefer a brass outlet (contacts). I use Leviton Isolated Ground (orange) outlets. Cheap and sound as good as the audiophile outlets, IMO.
PS Audio Soloist? in wall surge/power cleanup with duplex outlet. My power amp / sub are using this. rest thru another outlet pair.