Best Outdoor Speakers

Spring has sprung and a (not so) young man's fancy turns to...

Listening to tunes and the occasional baseball game while relaxing with a cold one on the deck.

What I am looking for is a pair of speakers that is pretty rugged that sounds decent for less than a grand. The deck is covered and the speakers would be mounted on the wall. While they would be at least partially shielded from the elements, they would be subject to some temperature extremes. I'm planning to power them with a vintage Yamaha receiver (75 wpc).

Any suggestions would be helpful.
I would buy the modified BIC DV-52 Adatto from Ed Frais at [email protected]. Read the reviews at Ed sells the BIC with his modified crossover for under $150 I think. They have built in keyhole wall mounts and are designed for inside/outside.


I like my Mirage Oasis for exactly the same application you're considering, sitting by the pool with a cold one and a fine Cuban cigar. Driven by a vintage Pioneer receiver it gets the job done just fine. I tried Boston speakers, sounded tinny.
B&W Leisure monitors, sound good and look good. Will work outside and have built in stands/brackits.
B&W Rock Solids are built for this purpose and sound very respectable for the bucks.
The Mirage Oasis are the best I've heard but I've owned Ed Frias's speakers And I'm intrigued about His modded BIC. I've contacted him about them.

I wonder when a really high-end outdoor speaker will happen.