Best outdoor speaker

What is the best speaker that can be used outdoors and is weatherproof?
I have been happy with my two sets of outdoor B&W's - for details see my virtual systems. I would never claim that these are the "best" but they do the job and they do it well.
I have the Polk Atrium 60.. I was suprised how good they sounded. Mounting is key though. Try to mount them at ear level when standing, and in a corner to help bass reinforcment.
Pretty tough to beat the classic Bose 151s. This is the older model which is a rectangle not the newer designs which I am sure are great but I have no experience with.

I had a set of the 151s on the stern of my sailboat for over 5 years and they worked as well the day I sold the boat as the day I installed them. They play clean, work fine off a 12v car amp and are not at all fatiguing.
As much as I hate saying it, I have also had those white plastic Bose for about 10 years now. They do a fine job outdoors without distortion (which I've heard on many others when played above a whisper).

However, I have also heard true audiophile outdoor speakers made by Near (out of New Hampshire), if you want to spend the bucks and can find them. They are truly awesome, and they have several models. Good enough to bring indoors to the main rig, if you want to.

Here's a link that you may want to check out: