“Best” or rather “Favorite” Conrad Johnson power amp?

A couple years ago, I purchased a demo Conrad Johnson ET7- Series 1 preamp, which I later upgraded to the series 2.  Wow.  A real game changer from the solid state Naim I had been using.  The rest of my system: LRS Maggies and a Primaluna dialogue premium HP (~80wpc) power amp.  (The recent thread: can I use a tube amp to drive my Maggies inspired this post, which has been in the back of my mind for some time).  I don’t have any issues with the Primaluna, but have thought that perhaps I would like to try a different amp. Or better stated, I have the upgrade bug. Again.

I am open to mono blocks or single chassis.  While I like EL34s, I am open to other tubes.  And might consider tube/ss hybrids.  And I am open to recent models new or used, I am also happy to consider “late models”as I know CJ can update/upgrade many products. But I am probably not interested in 1980s vintage stuff.  And my budget is also open.  If the cost is only $2-4k I could act soon, if $10k+, then it would take a bit longer.  As I am expecting the options to be primarily used, I can be patient to find the right amp, as the Primaluna sounds good to me right now.  

And while I understand that CJ is most known for their preamps, and that other brands might be better for power amps, at this point, I would like to test drive a CJ amp first.  Then perhaps I’ll consider other brands.
Premier 5 has them great classic tube sound sold them because of the heat that's why I went Solid State, However if I wanted tubes today it would be VAC the best by far.
Back when I sold a few MF 200's? I could be wrong on the model, memory isn't what it used to be. But that was a sweet amp. Plenty of power and if I'm not mistaken it was a hybrid.