Best, or ideal record clamp

Record clamps seem to be an obvious benefit in the process of playing records. Do record clamps work with every turntable? Are there certain clamps specific to brand A or B turntable because they work better with these brands? What is considered to be an excellent after market record clamp? I was recently told the HR record clamp is a good one to purchase. If so, what are the differences? Any advice is welcome. I own 2 turntables. One is a Brinkman, the other a Thorens TD124.
I have a VPI Scoutmaster and have used VPI's stock clamp and their upgraded clamp. I now use a TT Weight clamp, which is my preference. Ease of use and retreval of detail both much improved. Service from TT Weights is top notch also. Give Larry a call at TT a call or e-mail, he's a really good guy.

Here is a link:
Second, the TTWeights. Srwooten is absolutely correct. The above clamp replaced a much more expensive clamp in my system.
I third the TT Weights clamp on NON-threaded spindles. The best clamp that I have tried on a 1/4 x 20 threaded spindle is the Teres Audio. I have (2) of the TT's on other tables and they really are NICE. Larry is wonderful to work with. You should also try his new Carbon Fiber CD mat. I've had mine about a month and WOW, does it really work!!!
Count me in with TT Weights ... I'm a believer. I owned the Brass heavyweight clamp, liked it, but upgraded to Larry's top of the line record weight and noticed an immediate improvement in transparency. Also own his heavy weight outer ring clamp and power cord. The power cord is a bargain when compared to more exspensive power cords. And as previous posters have mentioned, Larry is a great guy to deal with.

The ideal one is probably one of Harmonix's. I think one is $1895 and the other is $3500. I should know as I am one of their dealers but as I have never contemplated selling one I don't. Meanwhile, back on planet reality, I like VPI's ring and weight [ I am one of their dealers] and also TT weights products. I recently got one of their heavy weights and it works well. Got their lighter ring yesterday, looks good also. The SOTA clamp also works well, I have used it in the past. Very subjective topic , I think they help a lot but a friend who has a Raven doesn't like them.
It took me 10 seconds to realize the benefits of a clamp. Even though screw on clamps are amazing, they are a pain. Lever clamps are much easier.
Be careful on clamp height. Some will prevent you from closing your dust cover.
Larry's products are stellar and he's a great guy to deal with

Thumbs up all the way
He's also local which is an added bonus
Do record clamps work with every turn table?....No

I would say many would benefit from a centre weight and or even a platter mat especially light weight platter design.
Experiment and listen.

Stanwal I agree with your friend with the Raven table, no mat or centre weight.
These table's really come to life with a "good" isolation platform.
Thank you for the informative responses. Now that someone has brought up the isolation platform, what is a cost effective platform to do the job? I'm using a granite piece which is definitely not perfect. Some say a good chunk of maple will do the trick adequately.
A cost effective platform that does the job.

One source is Galibier Design, somewhere on this web site is detailed information on building a sand box isolation platform.
I built one a few years ago, it's good.
Then there is Silent Running Audio, Minus-K ect.
Just a contrarian view FWIW. I used clamps religiously on VPI tables (HW-19 Mk. 3 and TNT Mk. 2) for at least 15 years, then was playing around with a Ringmat on the TNT and was surprised at how much better I liked it. Unclamped, that is. I went from there to a Boston Audio Mat I on the TNT and subsequently on my current replinthed Lenco and have had no desire to go back to the bother and (to me) dulled sound of a clamp. BTW, back when I thought these things were desirable, I went all the way to a $250 Black Diamond Racing clamp. As is obvious, YMMV. Dave
Go for one which doesn't ruin your bearing, the Orsonic for example.
Do the TTweights threaded Clamps for VPI have a dished underside, like the VPI Clamps, to work in conjunction, with the Rubber Washer on a VPI Platter? From the pics on his site, I see no evidence of this, just a dead flat underside? Mark
Syntax, i have often found that with clamp there is a gain in definition and a loss in aeration, is it the case with the orsonic? Thanks in advance
the Sota clamp works very well, and doesnt add a lot of weight to the bearing or affect the suspension on suspended tables. I like to use the outer ring on my Transrotor Fat Bob, but not on my suspended tables.
HRS analog disk. Couples with the LP perfectly and not much weight on the bearing. Can't get better!