best or craziest speakers' design..

searching for a good sounding and looking speakers, with a
special design , i 'am bored by cube...
How much money?
Weird shapes is the key here?

Klipsch K-horn
weird? just for the klipch horn perhaps...
no i mean , crazy design as futurist or not usual wood boxes..
avant garde horn and acapella are fantastic but too expensive
i woudl stay under 10k speakers..
You can find used Avantgarde Unos in your price range.
electronluv. it doesn't get any weirder than that.
Jeffreybowman2k you are going to win the challenge
captain NEMO could used it in the NAUTILUS....
The Gallo speakers are pretty unusual, not too expensive, and you might even like the way they sound.

Absolutely brilliant. I love those speakers! Who even cares what they sound like - I mean just look at them - such a bold crazy stunning retro art statement! Sometimes totally over the top works!
Okay fine, I will give up my little secret.. I own the amps, and have spoke to people that love these. see link
i saw a speaker that looked like a diver's helmet and another japanese manufactured speaker that looked like part of a floor lamp. both were shown at T.H.E. SHOW in Las Vegas, this past january.
Second the Gallos for unusual. Most people find horns of all types interesting looking, and for some reason they tend to encourage cabinetmakers to strut their stuff. I think the Cain & Cains are interesting-looking (never heard them). FWIW, I think you could probably find used Avantgarde Duos in your price range as well.
Electronluv it is, IMO. Jeffrey hit it right btwn the eyes.
Any of the Gallo Reference line. I have MKII. I heard MKIII the other day at the dealer. They sounded very similar. You can't go wrong either way. The tweeters will reveal anything bright in your system. The bass and soundstage will suprise you. boxless sound.
Rethm. Very futuristic kinda cool looking.
Thank you so much for the link. I just emailed it to my wife and she will never again object to any speaker I consider, being so grateful that I didn't buy those:) She probably will start praying that we never win the lottery just so I could never afford them. But man are they cool!
How about these? They fit your criteria and the sound? Incredible!!!
Jeffrey, that is awesome. You win, hands down.

Now c'mon up here and accept your award.
Say a few words...please...tell what inspired you to track down such a creature....
I love the looks of my Cain Abbys - not having boxes was an important part of the decision. Same goes for my Fi Y pre and Fi X amp - tired of the standard black/silver boxes for amps and CDPs.
This should keep you busy for a while:
this one is surprizing too..
french coffee machine?
Just buy a BOSE Acoustic Wave Music System 2 .......its all you really need and save you money for other things!
Electronluv - WOW... looks like something straight out of Willy Wonka's factory! haha
thanks javachip, i have found the BIBLE...
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