Best options for connecting my iPhone/iPod/iPad for home stereo use?

Hi Folks, 

I'm currently using an NAD C545BEE cd player with a Creek 4330SE integrated, along with my old iPhone 5 as a dedicated music player on via Apple Music. In fact, the iPhone is cleared of most apps and is in airplane mode to boot. It is connected via Apple's composite cable, so I'm connected line-level from the lightning (via 30-pin to lightning adapter) to RCA in on the integrated amp.

My first question is: Does anyone make a high end cable that has lighting on one end, and RCA on the other? The only company that makes anything of any scale for Apple products is Audioquest, but they only make a USB to RCA or 30-Pin to RCA. I guess my best shot there is the 30-pin to RCA and keep using my adapter. If I go to a cd player with USB, then the USB to RCA will be the perfect match--which brings me to my topic question. 

The other option I've been seriously considering is to buy a CD player with built-in USB for Apple iPhone/Pad/Pod. Before buying the NAD 545, I was contemplating the 565 as it has a USB. But, in reviewing the owner's manual, the USB on the NAD does not accept Apple products. I've looked around at other players with USB and the only "higher end" model I can find is the Onkyo C-7070. Can anyone comment in this player? Any good? How does it compare to the NAD 545, or equivalents from Marantz, Arcam, Rega, etc? 

The other question I have regarding this method is sound quality. When I connect my iPhone via USB to a cd player, I'm then using the internal DAC of the cd player, right? Anyone have any experience going this route? Is there a head-over-heels improvement in sound quality?

I've thought too about doing a separate DAC (i.e. Cambridge Audio DAC magic) but I've noticed that these stand-alone DAC do not have the standard USB Type-A connectors, only Type-B. Also, are there any stand-alone dacs that you can directly connect an iPhone to, then out of the DAC (via RCA) to your power source?
Peachtree Shift was designed for this type of application. It will also charge your device as well. 
AudioQuest Dragonfly Red DAC gets this job done.  Sounds OK for digital:

iPhone (or iPad) > Apple Camera Lightning-to-USB wire > AQ Dragonfly Red (or Black) > 3.5mm plug to 2 RCA wire > preamp line input
I have an Arcam ipod dock, with built in DAC, with lightning connector, not sure if they still make it. I have used the Apple 30 pin to lightning converter with other ipod docks with good results...
All good recommendations--thank you!  I checked out the Arcam dock... it's been discontinued, but there are used ones out there. From a cost perspective, this would be the best choice as I can utilize my existing interconnects. I wonder though how the sound of the Arcam dock compares with the AQ Dragonfly Red? Or Black for that matter? 

I guess the cd players with integrated USB's aren't any good? 
I haven't compared, but the sound quality is very good
I used mine to play back lossless files and Tidal from my ipod touch
Try the Dragonfly. They sell them at Best Buy so you can always bring it back if you don't like it.
might also check to see if the HRT IStreamer accepts your iphone 5 version. I use an istreamer in my headphone system along with ipod classic