Best Option In A Tube Preamp $1,800 Or Less - Used

As the title says, I am looking for my best option in a tube preamp with an $1,800.00 price limit. I would be buying used to maximize purchasing power and value.

This will be paired with a First Watt F6 power amplifier. This is a wonderful amp, and with the right dose of tube magic from a pre, should make a great combination. I would appreciate your thoughts on my best potential choices which will add the golden glow of tubes to this scenario. Thanks for any assistance.
If you can stretch your budget, or perhaps negotiate with the seller a bit, this:

Fi preamp is a great sounding unit and closet to your budget, it's pretty no frills but great sounding and made by Don Garber a real legend when it comes to making tube gear. Zero affiliation with the seller. Good luck and happy listening!
You should be able to find a Modwright line stage for less than that.
My recommendation try primaluna dialogue series ,or if can find the premium is better.
modwright, Conrad Johnson pv 12, premier 16 and 17, vtl 3.5 and 5.5 would be my reccomendations.....
I agree with the Modwright recommendations. I'm still getting to know a recently acquired SWL9.0SE but am VERY impressed with this piece already. It takes a pair of 5687 (or equivalent) tubes, so tube rolling is relatively inexpensive - Bendix 6900 withstanding. A pair of Amperex (Holland) 7119's won't set you back much $$ and impart that wonderful 'golden glow of tubes' as you say to the presentation. Very highly recommended.
The best tubed preamp I have ever owned was a CJ Premier 17LS2. Not sure what they go for now, but wow, a fantastic preamp. Till recently, I thought that CJ was the best pre I've ever owned. The title now goes to my XP20 ( Pass)
I have an ARC sp16 that I think is exceptional and can be had in that price range. It includes built in phono pre-amp as well. There is a good reason ARC has been around and been as successful as they have all these years while many lines have come and gone ie quality, support, service and good value.
And there is an SP-16 available on Audiogon right now, at a good price.
I'd like to recommend a Doge Clarity tube preamp. I've owned a VTL 2.5, Tad 150 Signature. N.E.W (Cary) pre, Ming Da (Response Audio fully modded), Mike Elliott modded Counterpoint preamp. The Doge betters all of my previous preamps. Certainly not suggesting it's the best preamp at this price point but it's worth considering once you swap to good NOS tubes. Has remote and a very decent tube phono stage that accommodates MM and MC carts
Belles 21-A auricap, get a pair of quality tubes, they determine the sound as a tube can and will.

It was reviewed I think in stereophile in a statement system against a $10k+ Lamm and outperformed it, and that wasn't an upgraded auricap version.