Best Option In A Silver CD/SACD Player $1k Or Less

I currently have a Marantz SA8004 cd/sacd player in my system for the occasional cd that I play (most are ripped to my NAS), and SACD's that I play quite often. I'm very happy with that unit, and feel, as many others do, that it is a steal for the money.

My fiance has made a request that I would like to honor, if at all possible, however. She has been more than understanding about my music system taking up, or at the very least dominating,the entire room, and has never asked for anything in regard to it. Shes has never complained about speaker size, placement, or anything. She has now requested that I replace the black cd player with one that is silver, since every other component (power amp, preamp, DAC, power conditioner, and even the speakers, are silver. It apparently bothers her sense of style.

I'm struggling in coming up with an option that provides high quality cd and sacd performance that is silver, and can be purchased for $1k or less, used. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Don't give an inch. If you do, you'll be sorry. Silver CD players go to potted plants on the speakers a lot faster than you may think.
WOW you make me really laugh, this sounds like a really good joke, I cannot stop laughing....that being said my feelings are that this is a Power Play....Do you understand what I am saying.
The Stones had it right: "Paint It Black" since you are a pushover.
Okay, so let me get this straight, my audio system has completely monopolized the living room in what was originally HER house, for the past two years. And now she asks for ONE thing, and that makes me a pushover?
For about $1,200 you can get a new Oppo BDP-105d universal player in silver....less used if you can find one.
Linn Unidisk SC is available in silver and plays (nearly??) everything ... look for one with HDMI output if you plan to use it for video too
No way I can tell you this is a "BEST OPTION" silver SACD, however a TEAC Distinction Series CD-1000 is available for well under $1000 new right now (see Amazon Prime). Sound quality and build are excellent. It is built like a tank and looks great. Does take a long time to break in. BUT be aware, for whatever reason, this player will insert a pause in sound between SACD tracks. The interruption can be annoying when the music is supposed to be continuous and fade uninterrupted from one song to the next; e.g., as might be the case on stuff by Moody Blues or Pink Floyd. A deal breaker for some.
you can find marantz sa, denon 5910, sony scd and integra rdv in silver for less than a grand, though i'd prbably go with the oppo myself