Best optical cable from Apple TV to DAC

Need some advice on what's the best optical cable for connecting between the Apple TV and DAC? Have considered the AQ optilink 3. Budget around US$100-150.
Any good glass cable will do the trick. I've tried a few and there isn't much difference.

Best value is Lifatec Silflex glass for about $70.
I must offer you another Best value cable: This cable has bettered comparable glass optical cables up to $500.00. Search the forum.
Have to agree with Tom6897. Its a great glass optical cable for the price.
Many thanks guys! Will checkout those options.
I second Tom6897 recommendation. I've used it from my cable box to HT receiver. In it's price range, I have't found anything better.
Wow, great price ($20) on that cable, Tom6897!! Thanks for the link!

I picked up an Audioquest Optilink 5 and it was remarkably better than whatever cheap feebie cable I was using at the time. I don't have to much to compare it to but an upgraded cable worked wonders for me.
I use a Sonicwave glass toslink between my ATV1 and Rega Apollo. Far better than an high priced fiber optic cable (fancy word for plastic) that I used. The Sonicwave cable cost me $25 with shipping included from Amazon.

I think Sonicwave makes plastic ones too. Make sure it's glass.