Best opentop CDP

I intend to upgrade CDP with opentop function (like MBL, shanling, Gryphon Mikado, or Oracle). Please advise for the price tag around under $3000. (used). Thanks
Parasound 2000, built by CEC get some pretty good reviews.
There's an accustic arts player 1 for 4000, but it's been on for a while so maybe the guy would take an offer. I love the sound of this unite.

Otherwise there are two Accustic Arts drive 1 transports for like 2300, and you could add a DAC (used benchmark or something similar) and have a great setup.
I just got one (so my comments may not be objective), but the Bow ZZ 8 (used) is in this price range too... just not too many around.
Also, I should have asked this first, but what's the rest of your system like? I recommended the Accustic arts because I covet it, and it is a great player, but doesn't gaurantee it's the best for your system. Also curious why it has to be a top loading player?