Best Online Music Retailers

OK, I did a quick search and could not find a thread on Agon dedicated to this topic, so apologies if this is a rehash. What are your favorite online music retailers and why? Best for physical media - records, CD's, XR and Gold CD's, SACD's and music videos? Best for Downloads? Very curious where others get their music online. Not interested in hearing about garage sales and brick and morter stores here - that is for another thread.
I haven't used enough other sites for downloads to say it's the best but I've been very happy with for good quality mp3 downloads.

There are no rights restrictions on the files, the selection is pretty broad, you can see recommendations from other members and from 'experts' and downloads automatically sync with iTunes and Windows Media Player.
Here's a few:
A quick Google search will give you literally hundreds of places to buy music.Try it sometime.Along with Mofi's suggestions above,here a few others. lots of everything lots of new music lots of blues high quality recordings,shipping takes longer but everything I bought here is high quality probably the largest online seller of all music
A good place to find out of print discs is, which is a kind of clearinghouse for a lot of mostly European music resellers. Often when I have been looking for an out of print disc it fetches two or three times as much on the Amazon used market as it does when you get into the European resellers. You can do search by media, etc. Has always been professional and quick.
J&R music in NY for cd & vinyl watch for sales and free shipping offers
Thanks folks - I was requesting your favorites, not necessarily an exhaustive list.

I goggled "Tpreaves opinion" and got ten threads by you, none regarding online music sources. I goggled "Tpreaves favorite" and I also got ten threads, none regarding online music retailers. I asked the question on here and I received both you opinion and your advice on how to use the Internet. Two for one - how lucky can I get!
Acoustic Sounds my favorite for vinyl online, and for locating SACD titles. It's well organized for search purposes. Once title located, Amazon to audition online, then purchase "used" if possible. Got some great deals like this. Also Amazon for occasional download.
I also like Acoustic Sounds. Music Direct is good, but their catalogs are a bit much. Let me elaborate on that statement.
IMO- it seems like they go overboard on their descriptions of their albums sound quality. Acoustic Sounds seems to me, a bit more realistic in this respect. BTW, Barnes and Noble has a great amount of vinyl on their website as well. I think you will be surprised if you haven't checked them out. Last time I ordered, they had a free shipping promo. Cheers !!!
You asked where others get music and why.People gave you several places then you write
Thanks folks - I was requesting your favorites, not necessarily an exhaustive list.
Sorry, but you didn't specify an exact number you wanted.Then you made your little snide remark to me.
I cited 4 places I do business with and why.If you were offended by my suggestion to do a search to find many more,so be it.

"A quick Google search will give you literally hundreds of places to buy music.Try it sometime."

My apologies, I misinterpreted your comment above as a snide remark.

I am just after different people's opinions on the "best" retailers. Why I started the thread in the "Best of" catagory and titled it "Best Online Music Retailers". I may know next to nothing, or in fact, nothing at all, but I can hit the Goggle icon and type a few letters in sequence...
I find Google out performs Goggle every time for web searches. Sorry, couldn't resist.
Back to the topic... My favorites are the most obvious. for used cds. for new and used cds.
My experience with both is very positive.
I've had good luck w/ - all used CDs, DVDs, and games.

They often have specials (announced via email) of 25% to 40% off and sometimes the added bonus of $1 shipping per item. They do a good job of cataloging different versions (e.g., remaster, deluxe edition, CD+DVD edition, etc.).

I like, too.
Acoustics Sounds and Music Direct
Any particular favorites for purchasing and downloading lossless wav or flac files of popular artists? Most of the sites I've found offering lossless have a limited selection of fairly obscure, though sometimes good, artists. Thanks.
If you are looking for SACD a good one is

for vinyl:
very reliable, clean used and fair pricing: