Best one step liquid record cleaner.???

 Looking for the Best "one step" liquid record cleaner  .I am running out of MoFI "One" Cleaning Solution, so I thought I would poll the membership for recommendations.. 

Thanks, SJ

Audio Intelligent 15. I'm not really convinced that my ultrasonic cleans any better. 
Check out The Disc Doctor products.
I use the formula found in the December 1996 Stereophile.  It cost nothing to make and has kept my LP's and those of hundreds of audio nuts like myself with clean, silent records for twenty years now.

Email me.   n at normansizemore dot com and I will send you a pdf of the formula.

Audio Intelligent # 15 is not a 1-step. The AI 1-step is his #6. I use both with great success. (-:
Oh sorry - @fjn04 is right!  Audio Intelligent #6 is the stuff.  Use 15 for nasty thrift store purchases.  I'll try to have my coffee before I write anything here.
I've recently switched to L'Art Du Son and am very pleased. It wets really well and gives an excellent outcome. Somewhat finicky as regards to storage however and you have to dilute it yourself
The Audio Intelligent  #6 is very good stuff.
FWIW, I've had very good results with LAST all-purpose cleaner and an old-school Discwasher brush on vinyl that's already been through an ultrasonic or vacuum process.  The LAST power cleaner works very well on new vinyl and will also remove any residual mold release agent.  Have used both for 30+ years.  I'm also very much a fan of their preservative.  I have LPs from back when that I treated on the first play and still sound new.  They also make a machine solution, intended for the vacuum units; I use it in my ultrasonic rig and it seems to work well.

Everybody has their own favorites, beliefs and rituals.  Experiment some and see what you like.  Unlike a lot of audiophilia, cleaning solution is easy and comparatively inexpensive.  Have fun & happy listening!

I used to use a simple formula

30% isopropyl alcohol
70% distilled water
few drops of photo flow wetting agent and a cap full of non foaming detergent in a spray bottle. Sorry don’t recall the detergent I used

also rinse with pure distilled water after cleaning. dry to your method of choice.

you can get the photo flow at most photography shops that sell supply’s.

L'Art du Son is the one I prefer. You have to respect proportions of water and cleaning fluid and let it rest 2 mInutes on the record  before rinsing and the music sings. AI n°6 is really good too but you have let it rest a few more minutes before drying.

good information here

one more thing to add if your looking for Distilled water try looking for commercially available  battery level distilled water its particulate level is much lower then the regular stuff you buy at the drug store.  this is the type of water they use in large battery banks that are much more susceptible to contamination and stratification then batteries like in your car. ( like submarine batteries ;-)
Nitty Gritty Pure 2

I use the Audio Intelligent #6 One Step as well, and have for years.  I can't compare to anything else, but it certainly seems to work well for me.
Thanks to all have responded to this thread.   Cheers,  S.J.
Thanks for the link on the Hoffman forum Glennewdick, a lot of very good information.