Best one box CDP, Got it short listed to Four

I've been shopping for a new CD Player. Have narrowed it down to a couple tough choices. My musical tastes are rock, pop, some jazz.

Electrocompanient EMC1UP
Audio Aero Capitole MkII
Accuphase DP-75V
MF Nuvista 3CD

Can anyone give me some advice which would work best for my listening preferences.

I just added a Superclock II to my Marantz SA-1...WOW!!
Best CD player I have ever heard, and I have been in audio for a long time.
You need to also put the Ayre CX-7 on your shortlist and perhaps IMHO, remove the Electro.
i would also add a marantz to the list.

i havent heard better redbook playback on any cdp to date plus it has sacd.
It's not a one box CDP as the power supply and display are separated from the transport/dac (as opposed to most 2 box players which separate the transport and DAC), but the Resolution Opus 21 should be added to your list above. Its less expensive new than any of the players you've mentioned and in the same league as all of them. See Also, the size is only about 9 inches wide, so you could potentially fit both on one shelf.

Good luck in your search.
I love the EMC-1 and have one. Plus I just purchased a Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD player to replace a Marantz SA-14 SACD player, which wasn't all that great on redbook. The Opus 21 is a very dynamic CD player and should be great with rock and pop and jazz. Musical instruments sound natural too on the Opus 21 (and on the EMC-1).
Of your short list I would pick the Accuphase DP-75V.
Sonics aside, the Accuphase has the best build quality of any of the players on your list. I have owned Accuphase players exclusively for seven years now (65, 75, 75V) and have never experienced a problem with any of them. I say this because owners of Accuphase tend to take build quality for granted. But after reading comments on Audio Aero and Philips, I believe this issue should be an important factor in your decision.
I would also add Marantz to the list...the SA-14. I have been very involved in audio for 40 years, and this unit is one of the biggest surprises that I have come by. It is an unbelievable steal on the used market.

I have owned Levinson 390S and Wadia 850 and Accuphase 65. Any of these should be considered. They aree all quite nice with the Levinson at the top of this list
Go listen to them...the players themselves that is, not the subjective comments from people who have not heard all of them.
opus 21
Do you think that the DP-75v out performs the DP-77 and the DP-85 on reebock CDs?

Redbook CDs
consider the audio research cd3. it does everything right as far as i can tell.
Of your shortlist, i would go with the Accuphase 75V. Ive owned the AA Capitole MkII and auditionned at length the EMC1. While they both are fantastic players, i preferred the Accuphase in all areas. But if i were you, i would wait a while until i could afford the DP-77 and get SACD as a bonus as well as redbook playback which is as good if not better than the 75-V.

I don't know how anyone can reliably say what's best without knowing what the rest of your system is.
Hey guys,

thanks for all the great responses.

Rest of my system

Halo JC-1 Mono Blocks
Pass Labs X0.2 Pre-amp
JM Labs Nova Utopia BE
IC' and Speaker from Acounsic Zen
Power cords all Elrod Signature

I have a Wadia 860 and am very pleased. One lesson that the Wadia taught me is that although there is always a new model doing the latest digital gymnastics, the transport mechanism and power supply are also critcal to the success of the player.

I have no experience with any of the models on your list; however, I would trust the Accuphase. Their amps have a reputation as "over-built" products with great power supplies. Perhaps that carries over to their players. Also, the Japanese master excellent cd's.
Wadia and Accuphase have the best transports in the business. I'm a fan of build quality and transport quality. The Opus did't seem that well built to me when I saw it at the show two weeks ago.

BTW, for rock and pop, the EMC and AA probably aren't your best bet.

The Accuphase is great, but too expensive in the US. The Wadia 861 might be a better bet.

Finally, ergonomics are a big issue for me, and may be somethign to consider. For instance, many cdps come with horrible remotes (cary for example). Also, i can't stand top loaders/clamps. They are a royal pain to use, and no one else who comes over will have a clue. You might want to hit some stores and do a little playing with actually using the machine.


I wish there was something to listen to in this city, there isnt much hi end gear anywhere around here. I wish I had the time to travel, but I dont. Basically looking for the best redbook player for my system with a budget of approx $10,000.

It seems that you have spent some time and plenty of good coin on your system. Also, you have a large speaker system which needs to be controlled and driven cleanly or they will not boogie with crisp and lifelike precision.

CD players sound different but also perfom differently. If you plan to really listen mostly to rock and pop, I believe you need a design that can control and properly pace the music no matter what music type you listen to.

I too have built an all purpose stereo system and listen primarily to redbooks and the redbook layer of hybrid sacd's. So far, I have been very content with my my modded Wadia 861. Good luck and have fun!
Right now, My Final two choice are the Wadia 861SE or the Accuphase DP-77. Can anybody describe how the two companies generally difer sonically?

I am familiar with the original 861. This player is about dynamics and power. It seems to at times be a little too fast sounding to me. It can produce bass down deeper than you have ever heard. The midrange is powerfully sweet and clear. This player is also incredibly quiet when run balanced.

My modded 861 is just simply the music. The Accuphase I am positive is much more refined and smooth sounding right out of the box. The Accuphase will give you a much more relaxing experience. If it plays SACD's you might want to go for that one. However, hybrid's sound great on the 861 too.

Let us know what you decide. When are you going to do a shoot out?
Since I purchased my 390S I just listen to the music, not the CD player. It's the next best thing to analogue I've heard. The 5 year transferable no-questions-asked warranty doesn't hurt, either.
just thought id mention Accuphase has a 5 year warranty. Not that you'd need the warranty, ive never heard of an Accuphase CD Player having a problem, thats how good the build quality is.

And i agree 100% with Avnut's analysis of these two players. Really opposite presentations. It all comes down to taste at this level, and i know where mine lie.