Best one-box CD player with USB input

I haven't revisited digital in a long time. Any suggestions for the best one-box CD player with USB input?

For what it's worth, my previous favourite digital was from Zanden.

(I'm not interested in a stand-alone DAC, USB or otherwise, and I don't want SACD or DVD-A capabilites).
With those requirements, out there is an AMR CD-77 that has your name on it!
Thanks Karelfd. I've read mixed reviews on that piece. Have you heard it?
Hi, I have the CD-77 in my system since July 2007 and have never looked back.
As I have been raving a few times about this machine, perhaps I’ll put one or the other thing in perspective first. I believe there is no absolute “best” cdp – or any other gear for that matter – since 1) any particular periphery of amps, cables, isolation etc. will influence its performance and may, alas, just constitute the catastrophic mismatch, and 2) we all have our musical tastes, sonic preferences and expectations (luckily). So, whatever I say, don’t believe me before you heard it in your own system.
Having said that, I can now start raving again :^o
This is the best cdp I had the pleasure of hearing within the confines of my four walls. I had been auditioning a number of machines in a price range of up to EUR 10-12k. Comparable to you, I wasn’t very much concerned with SACD or DVD-A, after the CD-77 even less. I tried to capture my impressions in the following thread, among others:
On top, with regard to build quality, this machine is without much serious competitors.
When I read your wish for USB input, then, I thought this is just the little thing that will set it apart from other very good machines.
check out Audionet Art G2 - might be exactly what you're looking for.
Which of the operation modes do you prefer to use:
• Direct Master I; no digital or analogue filter
• Direct Master II; no digital filter, anti-sin(x)/(x) analogue filter
• Oversampling 2X
• Oversampling 4X
• Upsampling 96KHz
• Upsampling 192KHz
I'd like to hear the Audionet but the AMR's 'no digital or analogue filter' option and tube output has me leaning in that direction. I'm biased by my experience with the Zanden DAC.
I chose Direct Master II as default setting, pretty soon actually, it appeared just that decisive bit firmer than Master I that most of my auditioning was done with (probably also a question of overall system character). Depending on the kind of music and - even more imo - the quality of the recording, the filter modes are an interesting field for experiment, but I rarely use the other options these days. Looks like the Direct options play an important role in achieving the "analog" character that is so dear to many CD-77 users, but then again, sometimes it's fun to inject some "crispiness" with the upsampling mode. These other modes are by no means a digital travesty, but with your taste for Zanden, I suspect your default would likely be one of the Direct Masters as well.