Best one box 16-bit cd player

Just wondering what people thought about this. Who makes or made the best single box, 16-bit cd-player?
EAD Ultradisc 2000 gets my vote. No longer in production as of a year ago; still available used, but not a commonplace player - a best-kept secret IMO. See this thread for further info:
I have never heard the Linn CD12, but from my experience my vote goes to the Meridian 508.24
The Pioneer Elite PD-93 with a modified gain stage (list price $2300.00). This player has unbelievable contruction that has yet to be duplicated by ANY other manufacturer to this date....A complete cast copper plated chassis, all parts are copper plated (including the caps!), the transport is on its own separate turntable type isolated flaoting suspension, separate tranformers for both digital and audio that separate from the chassis and float behind the player and burr brown top of the line select dacs. Once a decent output stage is put in this player (i.e., get rid of those worthless sounding opamps that the Japs always use), this player is unbeatable. Until 24 bit converters were available, this player was a true sleeper that many audiophiles never really looked at...why should they, Pioneer? Go figure why it was ever produced. The tooling alone had to cost the company a small fortune.
The Linn CD12 is the best I have ever heard.
Sony XA7 ES was the best single box cd player I auditioned. Now out of production,they can be purchesed second hand for $1100-1250.