Best of your best - Your Top 25


Something light for a change...

As we all know, each region does certain things best. Whether it be chicken wings in Buffalo or bratwurst in Milwaukee or cool cars and hot girls in Southern California.

What does your area do the BEST??? This could have been a Top 10 list, but a lot us would have more, so why not go all the way to 25?

In Philadelphia, we are tops for:
1) Hoagies - you call them submarines or heroes

2) Cheesesteaks - but you already knew that

3) Pizza - thin crust, and traditional toppings

4) Soft pretzels - no doubt, and one of my weaknesses

5) Italian water ice - fruit flavored ice, NOTHING can cool you down faster on a hot day. You'll still be cool even an hour or two later on a humid 95 degree East Coast day

6) Macaroni and gravy - you call them spaghetti and meatballs

7) Fishcakes - as opposed to crabcakes which belong to "Balteeeeemore"

8) Pierogies - heaven from Poland/Ukraine

9) People with "addytood" - as if I haven't shown it here

10) Jersey girls - BIG hair!

11) Rowdy sportsfans - the Broad Street Bullies are still our favorite team

12) The South Jersey Shore - we say "down the shore"

13) Ben Franklin - would have been a MAJOR audiophile

14) Rocky - YO Adrian!!!

15) Frankie Avalon - well, before he got to those California beaches

16) Bobby Rydel - the one who stayed

18) Warren Zevon - your adopted city REALLY misses you

19) John Coltrane - as above

20) Gamble and Huff - The Philly Sound

21) The Fresh Prince - now he's Will Smith

22) Pat Croce - a real Philly guy - see addytood again

23) Grace Kelly - Princess Grace to us

24) Yo - yes, you guys took that word - a greeting, a question, an exclamation

25) Yous - fills the English language's need for the plural form of you. No, you guys didn't steal that one, because you hate it so

When you come to Philly, make sure you try everything on the list. And, when I visit your town, I am going to try my best on your list. Thank you!
What about cream cheese? I've always wondered if "Philadelphia Cream Cheese" really comes from your city.

I live in San Jose, CA. We have:

1. Perfect weather
2. Perfect weather
3. Perfect weather
25. Perfect weather.

Not much else happens.

The town I reside in really offers nothing except
1. The saying OK came from it
Really, Tireguy? Wow! OK [nyuk, nyuk], here do you live?

As for my town, Los Angeles...

We're tops when it comes to airheads, people with plastic surgery, and great driving weather!

And Trelja, you forgot all the great boxers that Philly produced! The current undisputed middleweight champ Bernard Hopkins amongst them.
Metralla, I'm green with envy. Fortunatly, Trejla makes my town sound interesting, though I'd rather be bored with perfect weather.

Not in order of significance:
1) Harley Davidson

2) Victory Motorcycle engines

3) The Green Bay Packers

4) Frozen Custard

5) Cheese Our products are even sold in France!?!

6) Beautiful explosions of color every fall. Better than the Northeast actually

7) Frank Llyod Wright

8) More than 10,000 lakes

9) Brats and beer, for those so inclined.

10) Soon to be the home of one of the premier turntable manufacturers.

11) Four real seasons.

12) Old world carftsmanship

13) A great blend of nationalities and ethnicities. Which means a great variety of restaurants!!!

14) The home of Klein mountain bikes and it's uglier little sister Trek.

15) MacCarthy

16) The reason I came back to Wisconsin: My wife!
I am from South Georgia and Here is my top 15

1. College Football is king in the South. We don't much care about pro sports, maybe because none of ours are any good.

2. Hot humid summers temps regularly reach 99-100 with 99% humidity.

3. Iced tea cools us southern Boys down.

4. Grits, Some folks call it cream of corn, but it grated a bit finer.

5. Coca Cola was invented in Georgia

6. Georgia Peaches

7. Vidalia Georgia Onions

8. Georgia Peanuts. Boiled especially is good.

9. Mustard greens

10. Turnip greens

11. The Masters Golf tournament

12. Quail hunting

13. Ft Benning Army base

14. Joanne Woodward

15. Warm weather almost yearround
I dwell in Las Vegas, NV.
I'll have to think about this one...
I used to live in San Jose. San Jose has more than perfect weather. But, you have to think outside the box, so to speak. In other words, it isn't San Jose so much as all the places you can get to in just a short drive. So, with that in mind, even though I don't live there anymore, I grew up there and feel the need to defend it a little --

1) Santa Cruz -- home of one of the oldest wooden roller coasters, some fine beaches, and vintage hippies.

2) Lake Tahoe -- in just a few short hours, you can be swimming in one of the most beautiful lakes in the world in summer, skiing on some incredible slopes in winter, mountain biking, or gambling.

3) Berkeley -- Lots of great restaurants, Telegraph avenue is like a trip to several countries and states of mind -- vintage hippies, vintage beat-niks,
and you might even see the guy who roller skates around naked except for a
propeller hat.

4) Yoshi's -- Great Jazz club in Oakland.

5) Palo Alto -- Great University town, home of Stanford, great place to meet women who can think circles around your behind, great restaurants, different vibe from Berkeley.

6) San Francisco -- needs no explanation.

7) Santa Cruz Mountains

8) Mt Tamalpais -- amazing mountain biking and hiking trails.

9) Muir Woods -- Just north of SF.

10) Napa/Sonoma Valley -- Wine country.

11) Monterey/Carmel/Pebble Beach -- can you say amazing golf?

12) Yosemite National Park -- Needs no explanation.

13) Winchester Mystery House -- Home of the widow of the inventor of the Winchester Rifle. The woman was said to be haunted by ghosts who told her to "keep building" so she did -- in every direction, with stairways leading nowhere, halls that dead end for no reason, etc.

14) Silicon Valley -- you don't want to visit it -- it is the major industry. This is what happens when other inventions like deep-dish pizza, hot-dish, and soft pretzels, are already taken.

15) Pac Bell Park -- When Barry Bonds homers over the right field fence, the ball goes into the San Francisco Bay. Is that great, or what?

16) 49ers -- no, they don't play in San Jose -- they play at Candlestick Park,
which is just a short drive. Things have quieted down recently, but some guys named Joe, Jerry, and Ronnie used to play there.

17) Raiders -- If you live in San Jose, you can root for either NFL team. Things have quieted down recently, but some guys named Jake The Snake, Plunk, Tooz, Freddie, Lester, Jack, Phil, and The Mad Stork used to play there.
Metralla, I hope someone corrects me if I am wrong, but cream cheese may come from Philly. We don't take it too seriously, as New Yawkas embrace it more for their bagels. Perfect weather is nothing to sneeze at. My only question is, does it get boring after a while? We get it so rarely that when it does come we go absolutely batty from not knowing how to handle it.

I should have said "yous guys" like we always do when speaking, but I write better than I speak(so you can tell how badly I speak).

I forgot about ice cream. Philadelphia ice cream is a different process, and people still think it is the best way to make it. Unfortunately, neither Breyer's nor Bassett's are made here any longer.

Gunbei, you got me. Yes, the Executioner is in my opinion, the best boxer of the past 5 years. He wants to prove it too. Says emphatically he will go up and down in weight to straight up knock out all the boxers people talk about more than him - Oscar, Roy Jones, etc. Tip of the hat to Joey Giardello and Joe Frazier(even though he's really from South Carolina) and a long line of Philly left hookers.

Great list Nrchy, I really want to try the brats and cheese of Wisconsin. Diverse ethnicity is just as you said, great restaurants, I know just what you mean as we are also lucky enough to have that here.

Chuck, I love your list, Number 2 excepted. They say you haven't really eaten a peach until you've been to Georgia. While our Jersey peaches are heaven, I have to believe that those from Georgia are on another level.

Which just made me remember - Jersey tomatoes and corn, and to a lesser degree, blueberries and cranberries. That's why they call it the Garden State.

Oh, and on our (Pennsylvania) side, we have the Mushroom Capital of the world in Kennet Square, PA. I guess you could then say we are all full of %$@& around here, as many have said of me here.
Dweller your #1 being from Las Vegas should be strip clubs they have some excellent clubs there. #2 CES
Gunbei- Really! I live in this town called Kinderhook. Its the home of the not so famous president Martin VanBuren and the story goes like this. When he would sign a bill so it would become a law he would merely right "OK" at the bottom of it which was his nickname Ole Kinderhook. I guess there is a #2 at well which is that the headless horseman(Ichabod Crane) story happened there two, I have seen the bridge that the chaps head was thrown over- it is a true story just a wee bit exagerated.
When your psrents name you Ichabod, you know things aren't going to turn out well.
Hey, Metralla.....we've got the SAN JOSE SHARKS... Pacific Division Champions (again) and #2 seed in the Western Conference, heading into the National Hockey League playoffs!!....GO SHARKS! BEAT THE BLUES! (ST. LOUIS, that is!)

We also have The Analog Room!!


So good ol' Marty Van Buren started it all?! I'll start saying "Ole Kinderhook" whenever I agree with someone from now on!

The story of the Headless Horseman used to scare the Malt-o-Meal outa me when I was a kid.


Hopkins is really fun to watch. He's a true artist and technician. He and James Toney remind me of the greats from Joey Giardello's era. The Executioner's dismantling of Felix Tito Trinidad was pure beauty. Reminded me a lot of the way Alexis Arguello used to slowly disect then eventually KO people.

Randell Tex Cobb had a funny saying about Philadelphia and its reputation for producing great fighters. He said, "Philly is the only place you'll see two winos fighting on the street and one of them is throwing jabs." Classic!
While I can't top Joe's (Trelja) list as I live in the Philadelphia area myself, here is a list from my home town of Buffalo.
1 - The Bills
2 - 4 straight Super Bowl losses
3 - OJ (not the drink)
3 - Chicken Wings
4 - Snow (even though Syracuse gets more)
5 - Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra (made famous while being directed by Michael Tilson Thomas, joining up with the Grateful Dead for a performance at Kleinhans Music Hall)
6 - Buffalo Sabres (not very popular here in Phila. though)
7 - Great Winter AND Summer recreational opportunities
8 - Niagara Falls
9 - Teddy Roosevelt took the oath of office as President of the US in Buffalo after William McKinley was assasinated at the Columbian American Exposition. The exposition is famous for the first large scale use of electric illumination.
10 - Arts & Crafts movement (Frank Lloyd Wright's inspiration) was begun in the Buffalo area (East Aurora) by Elbert Hubbard and the Roycrofters. Hubbard died aboard the Lusitania when it was sunk at the beginning of WWI
Trelja: Hey how about them Eggles' fans throwing snowballs at Santa! Hey Desjardins is out for the season! Trelja, whether you know it or not, but some of the best chamber music is being played in Philly right now, pick up the Daily News and look in the entertainment section. I thought the women from the Greater Northeast had the big hair too!
I think you are right about the chamber music Shubertmaniac, but I should check it out. I guess I need to wade in to that realm of music.

As they say, that was a pitiful Santa, and he was also mercilessly told so by the boobirds.

Hopefully, the loss of Rico for the playoffs will not hurt us. You may know that he has a habit of playing badly this time of year, so maybe we'll make it through fine. I guess we could always activate the Chief or Jonesy(laughs) if we need to...

Yes, the girls from the Great Northeast also have the big hair - AquaNet thanks them, the ozone layer does not.

I was thinking of listing Schooly D, but you probably are not such a fan. He is the creator of Gangsta Rap, with his song "PSK, what does it mean?", about the Parkside Killers(PSK) - those who live in his neighborhood(52nd - 54th and Parkside). NWA, GangStarr, WuTang Clan, Eminem, Beanie Sigel, JayZ, etc. all should tip their hats to Schooly.

Are you still local? If so, Joe(Slipknot1) and I will be getting together again in about two weeks, perhaps you'd like to join us? And, as he outlined, Buffalo is just the kind of city this list was created for.
"I thought the women from the Greater Northeast had the big hair too!"

and who could forget (that can remember that far back) the South Filwee girls with that big hair, some of the biggest as a matter of recollection, it wasn't just the South Jersey and NE girls!

Treja a few more from my fond memories of Philly even though I left 30 years ago

F..kin "A"

Smokin Joe Frazier

Teddy Pendergrass

Connie Mack Stadium (20th and Lehigh)

Concerts at the Spectrum

The Academy of Music

The Robin Hood Dell concerts

The Mounted Police in Fairmont Park

The deer in Pennypack Park

The Zoo

and does anyone remember Billy Harner from the 60's?

What I miss most are the sports fans, the most knowledgable in the country. Yeah they have their bad habits but lets face it, they don't pay their hard on money to see Santa at a football game. You get what you see, tough love. The teams really seem to understand that relationship.

PS First thing I look for when I visit are the soft pretzels, the original ones not the boutique type and Rosatti's Italian water ice (lemon please....)
sorry about pun intended, should be hard EARNED, what were my tinger's finkin?
I forgot the Main Point in Bryn Mawr, I saw Muddy Waters there in 1970. My next door neighbor ( sexy Yvonne, she was 4 years older than I) went to American Bandstand a number of times in the late 50s, early 60s. Edmund's Scientific was over in Barrington, NJ if you wanted something goofy and scientific: magnets, optical stuff, telescopes,etc. And were you around when the original Spectrum roof blew off! Towers annex on South Street had the largest selection of classical music, until they moved to Broad street. I wish I could meet up with you, but unfortunately I will be in Monterrey CA at the Asilomar conference center for a week then to Boston for a week.

And how could anybody forget Mayor Frank Rizzo!
Go Flyers, 1-0 over the Debs.
Ah Shubert, we need to catch up at some point...

The Main Point! My neighbors George and Charlotte Britton were the owners, in addition to founding the Philadelphia Folk Festival. I guess the Folk Festival also deserves to be on the list.

Rizzo is gone, but not forgotten, a true 20th century icon.

Tubegroover, the new ballpark should really please you from what I hear. It looks like we're going to need a new list soon that lays out the vernacular of one's region since you brought up Saufilly. The next time you are in town to hook up with Bill LeGall, let me know - I can meet you there.

Now that I think of it, Bill deserves to be on our list as well, best speaker guy in the country, if not the world - just ask the likes of Jeff Joseph, Carl Marchisotto, Dan D'Agostino, etc.
I moved out of the Philthadelphia are about 25 years ago. They had the best vinyl store I have ever been in,THIRD STREET JAZZ. Tower Theater Concerts, Stars, Bijou Cafe. Haven't been back since. City could use an enama
The Leafs, Italian Gelato, The Leafs, Italian Food, Veal and Meatball Sandwiches, The Leafs, 4 distinct seasons, Niagara Wine tasting,many lakes and Rivers, The Leafs
and the biggest ethnic diversity in the world.