best of two worlds...any preamp suggestions?

I am living with audio for 30 years now and I am close to the equipment which fits best for me. But now I need some advice. I listen with a big horn system and really big subwoofers. The horns are driven by a diy 211 SE triode for the sub I am using a ss amp. Now I am looking for a preamp. A friend lent me his Spectral DMC 30S and it was really great. But I have not that much experience with tube pres. Is there anything comparable to the spectral in ss or tube? For me the spectral is very expensive and I would feel uneasy if I would not have tried anything similar or better..if posssible.
Thank you for you thoughts.

I agree with the Bent Audio recommendation, and while the silver version is probably a step above the copper, the copper units sound fantastic and it's not necessary to spend the extra money.
Add the Ayre k1x preamp to your list , it's the best I have ever heard including ARC II,BAT 51,ML,VTL and many others. It is as musical as the CJ Art! minus the glow. Thats all that needs to be said except it has way better dynamics than the CJ. The others are all great and way better than the under 7 grand options and would also be the best choice in certian systems for sure. forgot Krell and Pass also great.
If you were impressed by the Spectral DMC 30S, don't rule out the DMC 30. I moved out of a tube Audio Research LS-16 for my Spectral DMC 30 and could not be happier.

Obviously, I do not know your budget. However, I have seen DMC 30's available used on audiogon for around $2800.