Best of the vintage Marantz integrateds?

I'm putting together a system for my garage and I noticed there are a lot of late 70s and early 80s 22xx model Marantz receivers available on Ebay for next to nothing.

Does anyone know which of the old Marantz receivers (if any)have a decent sound. Does anyone have other suggestions for other cheap amps and speakers that i could build a system around? My total budget is $250 for amp, speakers and cables. I guess I also need CDP suggestions.

There were two 22XX Marantz series ... the ones with the Black dial backdrop from 1974/75 and the ones with the Silver dial backdrop from 1978/79. The silver dial backdrop models also had a "B" in their model number. The XX in the model numbers stands for the wpc into 8 ohms. I own a 2240 (1974) and a 2216B (1979). Both units offer superior FM and a warm musical sound to them. I like the 2240 more, as it is just a better overall unit ... which makes sense, as it was the more expensive receiver.

If you do a tour of the Vintage Asylum over at Audio Asylum , you will find that there are fans of each model. The 2230 was said to have the best FM section and had the most tube like sound. Beware of the 2270 which only put out 46 wpc into 4 ohms, because of some design glitch. Most people seem to be happy with the 2252, etc.

If you are buying off of eBay, Shain's Collectibles seems to offer the best deals, as he does a good job of cleaning up his units pretty thoroughly. And that really is the key to enjoying these units ... after 30 years they need a good cleaning; bulbs replaced; etc.

Other brands to look, at given your budget ... Sherwood 7000 series (7100); Pioneer X2X or X3X (626; 737); some of the Technics line from the 80's.

I would buy a new CD player ... after 10 years or so, they tend to die. Try the Technics SLPG4 ... made in West Germany ... will cost you another $130 or so.

Regards, Rich
Ditto on the 2230.. gotta love that mellow midrange control! Understand however that it is common (so I hear) for usually one channel to "blow" with age on these. Mine did.. I have yet to repair it.
I hear and read that the PM 94 was highly rated.
Can't say from personal experience though.