Best of the new jazz 45rpm reissues

Hello everybody.

There is a great lot of jazz records being reissued by Bluenote, music matters....... But at $50 a pop, I can only afford to get about 10 of them . I already have the staples such as Miles Davies, Coltrane on 45rpm. I am fairly new in jazz, thus have never heard of the majority of artists that are being reissued.

Can you guys help suggest My future purchases.

Many thanks
Leicachamp, the key question is what are you hearing that you like and would like more of?

It's extremely hard to go wrong with mainstream choices like the albums of Cannonball Adderley, Art Blakey, Bill Evans, Hank Mobley, Lee Morgan, Gerry Mulligan, Horace Parlan, Sonny Rollins and others.

If you're a bit more adverturous, try Thelonius Monk, Eric Dolphy, or Charles Mingus.

All of these artists have albums given the 45rpm reissue treatment in great sonics.

Since you say you have albums of Coltrane and Miles Davis, here are some additional suggestions from among the 45rpm reissues I've enjoyed that have particularly good sonics:

Mulligan Meets Monk, Riverside 1106 -45 AnalogueP
Cannonball Adderley, Somethin' Else, Blue Note 1595 -45 AnalogueP
Art Blakey, Caravan, Riverside RLP 9428 -45 AnalogueP
Art Blakey, Moanin', Blue Note 4003 -45 AnalogueP
Dave Brubeck Qt, Time Out, Columbia CS-8192 -45 ClassicR
Eric Dolphy, Out to Lunch, Blue Note 84163 -45 MusicMatters
Duke Ellington, This One's For Blanton, Pablo 2310-721 -45 AnalogueP
Bill Evans Trio, Everybody Digs Bill Evans, Riverside 1129 -45 AnalogueP
Hank Mobley, Soul Station, Blue Note ST 84031 -45 MusicMatters
Thelonius Monk, Monk's Music, Riverside 12-242 -45 AnalogueP
Lee Morgan, Tomcat, Blue Note 1058 -45 MusicMatters
Art Pepper, Art Pepper + Eleven, Fantasy S7568 -45 AnalogueP
Sonny Rollins, Way Out West, Fantasy S7017 -45 AnalogueP

There are many more to choose from, and each of the above have other albums equally worthy of recommendation. But here's a starting sample for you. All are at least excellent, with excellent sonics.

Good luck!
Love all of Rushton's recommendations except the Eric Dolphy Out to Lunch; they sound like they are; very different sounding LP.

I love Lee Morgan's Candy 45 LP from Music Matters; great music and performance from Lee at the tender age of 20 years old.

There is also a Kenny Burrell from the Acoustic Sounds Blue Note reissues I like and I believe the name is Midnight Blue.

It's not jazz, but purchased the new Muddy Waters Folk Singer 45 LP pressed on Chad Kassem of Acoustic Sounds new pressing equipment and it is superb.
Have to laugh a bit when Rushton labels Coltrane "mainstream".Forty years ago he was on the fringe.It's a new world.Agree with Rushton's advice,as well as the Burrell "Midnight Blue".Would add Jay McShann "What A Wonderful World" on Groove Note.A great recording of great music.
I have most of those Blue Notes, but what I really wish I could find is "Soul Brothers" featuring Ray Charles and Milt Jackson on 45. Although Ray Charles is not normally associated with jazz, this is some of the best jazz I have ever heard.

Neither the LP or the CD I have are good enough. This music is "nuance" to the N'th degree and requires the best source. I first heard it on a late 50's jukebox that was better than most high end systems because of the 45's and tubes.
buy what you enjoy...always.
From the Music Matters/Blue Note Series I would strongly recommend the following:

Lee Morgan: Tomcat and Search for the New Land (unfortunately out of print but maybe you can find a copy)

Grant Green: Solid and Matador (Matador also OOP)

Hank Mobley: Soul Station (OOP)

Tina Brooks: Back to the Tracks (I like this record better than the more popular True Blue which is OOP)

Sonny Clark: Cool Struttin'

Jackie McLean: Bluesnik (OOP)

Kenny Burrell's Midnight Blue is definitely a must own as well.

The records above that are out of print are that way for a reason-they are really great records!!!

The records above are all pretty well desert island stuff for me.

Many thanks for all the suggestions. I will take in all the info and narrow down my purchase list.
The Acoustic Sounds Blue Trane is exceptional. One of the best RVG recordings of the era.
How about the Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus 45 LP? Any good?
It looks like the only Monk choices available are Alone in San Francisco (which I'm hesitant to get because I like Charlie Rouse's drums on Monk's Best Of CD), The Unique Thelonious Monk, and Mulligan & Monk. I don't see Monk's Music being available at elusivedisc or musicdirect. Are those other ones good?
I love the song Straight, No Chaser and and even learned to play Well, You Needn't on guitar...
Mulligan & Monk is very good.
Diana Krall Live in Paris 45 RPM
Give Hank Mobley's "Workout" on Blue Note 45 a try, you wont be sorry.
I second the Diana Krall "LIP"